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Hey love! I'm kicking off this week's post with haircare products, I got 2 more haircare posts coming up but first, let me introduce you to Hijabista haircare range which is actually under C. Michael, haircare expert! There are 4 shampoo variants in the range, one conditioner and one scalp refresher. I'm gonna share my thoughts on 2 shampoos (hairfall control and dandruff), the hair conditioner and the scalp refresher. 

The main ingredient in the Hijabista range is the Apple Stem Cell which helps in hair regrowth , reduce hair fall and the ability to repair hair and scalp problems. The apple stem cell used in this range is from 'Uttwiler Spatlauber' (a rare apple species) which is then activated through PhytoCellTec technology. Hijabista haircare range is free from Paraben and cruelty free *YEAY*. After giving birth to Marissa, I am still suffering from hair loss (it has been 2 years guys!). It is sort of an on-off thing, sometimes my hair doesn't shed so much, but other times it's just crazy. So anything that can help me with this issue, I'm all in! 

Hijabista Hair Fall Control ingredients include lemon extract and Sugar cane that aids in clearing off excess dead cell in the follicles. Therefore once the excess dead cell is removed, the hair now can grow because there is no blockage. I love, I repeat, I love the fruity scent! It makes me feel good when washing my hair. As for the hair fall control, I'm yet to see much difference but I do notice my baby hair starts growing! But honesty, I would just use this shampoo because of the scent, period. A bottle of 380ml is priced at RM17.91 including GST.

Hijabista Dandruff Control is enriched with Zinc Pyrithione (ZPT) to overcome scalp itchiness and flakiness while Vitamin E helps to nourish and moisturize hair. The scent is almost similar to the Hair Fall variant but this one has more of a minty scent. It leaves cooling sensation on the scalp while shampooing and it makes my scalp feels refresh and clean. I do have dandruff but it's not too bad if I really do my shampooing every 2 or 3 days but, this shampoo does help in clearing up my dandruff whenever I have dandruff problem. A bottle of 380ml is priced at RM17.91 including GST.  

Hijabista Hair Conditioner contains sugar cane extract, lemon extract, apple extract, apple stem cell and Vitamin B5. Hair conditioner is meant to be used after shampoo, only at the tip of your hair so that your hair will be soft, strong and smooth all day long. I think for me, one of the reason to use hair conditioner is to prevent split ends which is really annoying. With Hijabista Hair Conditioner, I love how it makes my hair feels soft and smooth with no tangle! A bottle of Hijabista Hair Conditioner is priced at RM17.91 including GST.

The last product I'm going to touch on is the Hijabista Scalp Refresher that helps in removing dead skin cells in follicles. The ingredients in this scalp refresher includes sugar cane extract, lemon extract, Camellia Sinesis Leaf extract, apple stem cell and Vitamin are combined to help in hair growth, healthier scalp and gives shine and bouncy hair. I personally use this on days that I don't shampoo my hair and it has been great. I love the scent and it gives refreshing feel on my scalp. The best thing about it is that, I don't have to worry about how my hair smells like under my hijab whenever I see and hug people during events! I am really conscious about my hair smelling good at all times because I am petite and whenever people hug me, they'll be smelling my hijab + hair first! Everyone with hijab should really take this issue seriously because it is about hygiene and you don't want people to have the impression that you don't take care of your hair, (because of the sweaty smell *yikes*) now do you? A bottle of Hijabista Scalp Refresher is priced at RM20.03 including GST.

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