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I'm not sure about you, but for me, one of the most memorable memory DIY remedy for hair at home when I was a child was using Aloe Vera for healthy hair. I remember my mom always apply the aloe vera gel straight from the plant and made my sisters and I wait for about 10 minutes then she will rinsed it off. I don't remember what exactly is the purpose, but I do remember that my hair was always in a good, shiny and healthy condition. Even now, I always go for products with aloe vera as the main ingredients if I suffer from sunburns, itchiness or even whenever my skin is extremely dry. Aloe vera is my 'go-to' healing ingredient! 

Aloe Shafy is a brand with the purest ingredients by the company PIJ Manufacturing which uses Aloe Vera as the main ingredients in their products. They grow their own aloe vera plant organically, and the species they are planting is the Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller, which is the best aloe vera species. Their 120 acres farm is located in Bio Desaru (Lembah Makanan Organik Bersepadu Johor) and is acknowledged as a MyOrganic farm. As for operational and production, the factory is located in POIC, Halal Park, Pasir Gudang, Johor and able to produce up to 8 tonnes a month!

These are the Aloe Shafy products which uses the organic aloe vera and rest assured that the aloe vera they are using is 100% vegetarian, no added sugar an no artificial colouring. They do not test their products on animals, free from gluten, free from pesticides and chemical fertilizers. It is also high in polysaccharides contents (approx 25%). Aloe Shafy has full accreditation of ISO 22000:2005, HACCP, GMP, HALAL and MeSTI certification. On the 12th December 2017, Aloe Shafy is officially launched to the public during Aloe Shafy Launch Tea Party which took place at RUANG, Shah Alam.

During Launch Tea Party - Pn. Sharifah Suziana Syed Ali (Manager)
During Launch Tea Party
During Launch Tea Party - Guests were entertained by Khai Bahar and Amira Othman

During Launch Tea Party

Through detailed research,  group of experienced researchers, led by Dr. Lee Ting Hun found 2 bioactive ingredients in aloe vera gel which are ; Digitoxic Acid and Dioxybenzone. Digitoxic Acid can help consumers who suffers from dysfunctional kidney while Dioxybenzone helps in protecting the skin from the harmful UV rays (UVA and UVB) tp prevent skin aging, sunburn and any other skin problems. There are 3 new Aloe Shafy beauty products ; Jus Aloe Vera, Aloe Body Gel and Beauty Set.

Aloe Shafy Aloe Vera Juice is a natural food supplement that needs to be taken 30ml before breakfast and dinner. The ingredients include Aloe Vera Barbadensis leaf extract, citric acid and permitted food additive. The benefits of Aloe Shafy Jus Aloe Vera includes anti-oxidant, detoxification, anti-inflammatory, improve healing process and increment in energy. I personally am not able to taste this Jus Aloe Vera because it is not suitable for pregnant ladies, breast feeding mothers and children under the age of 12 months old. A bottle of 480ml is priced at RM59.90.

Aloe Shafy Aloe Body Gel is a body gel that can be sued all over the body for extra moisturization, retain skin moisture, soothe irritated skin and rejuvenate the skin. The formulation is non-greasy and fast-absorbing, therefore this is a great body gel for those who doesn't like sticky residue after application. It also leaves a cooling sensation and makes my body feels refreshed after usage. This body gel can also be used on hair and scalp as I mentioned earlier that aloe vera is really good in keeping hair healthy and shiny! 

The last product from Aloe Shafy is the Beauty Set which consists of 3 products ; Beauty Cleanser, Youth Essence and Aloe Plus Soothing Gel. The good thing about this products that they are suitable for all skin types, especially those with sensitive skin. The Beauty Cleanser is gentle on the skin and does not leave any tight-feeling afterwards. The Youth Essence is a quick fist to refresh and moisturize the skin after cleansing. Use it twice a day or anytime of the day because I personally use it as a daily mist to refresh my skin. It can help to minimize pores appearance, hydrate the skin as well as to balance out skin's moisture level. The last product in the beauty set is the Aloe Plus Soothing Gel that  helps to soothe irritated skin by improving skin texture and locking in the moisture. Living in these modern age enviroment, our skin is constantly expose to polluted air, therefore this product comes in handy as a treatment to heal and improve our skin texture. I love the authentic aloe vera scent in all of these products, they smell refreshing and calming! A box of Aloe Shafy Beauty Set (65ml each product) is priced at RM160.

You can purchase Aloe Shafy products via their trusted agents and for further info, please visit :

Instagram : @aloeshafymalaysia

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