Make Up For Ever Artist Liquid Matte Review

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Another liquid lipstick review for all of you, and this time around is the Make Up For Ever Artist Liquid Matte Lipstick! I received a box of 5 liquid lipsticks, each colour is different from one another. I have been experimenting with the texture, longevity, how it feels on my lips for about a month now, safe to say, I got you covered girl!

From left : Code 109, 201, 403, 205 and 501

Let's get started on my thoughts on them! 

Absolutely stunning! They are really rich in the pigmentation department especially the hot red, one swipe is good enough for the whole lips. However the shade 201 (neon pink - barbie pink) is not as pigmented as the rest, a bit patchy and it hangs on my dry lips. Same goes to the shade 501 (neon purple) but not as bad as the neon pink. 

The texture is really creamy, easy to spread out and lightweight on the lips. It takes a little time to dry out but once it's set, it doesn't budge. It has this slight tackiness but eventually it will go away so this doesn't bother me at all. I can get away in applying a second layer after the first coat has dried up and it doesn't leave any cracks on the lips.

If you just have drinks and snacks, the lipstick will stay on well but however if you have greasy food,  it will be gone by the time you are done eating. I had Kyochon Fried Chicken while using this liquid lipstick, and yes the lipstick is totally gone. 

109 - Praline

201 - Fresh Pink

403 - Deep Red

205 -Mauvy Pink

501- Purple

My favourite shades from all these 5 are the Deep Red, Mauvy Pink and Praline. However I can see myself using the Purple if there's a right occasion for it because the pigmentation is to die for! The Fresh Pink is not my cup of tea as the colour washes me out , it makes my teeth yellow and the pigmentation is way off.  This Make Up For Ever Artist Liquid Matte is seeping into my favourite liquid lipstick lists already! I love it and I highly suggest you girls to check it out on MUFE boutique or in Sephora. They have other shades that are stunning! Each of the liquid lipstick is priced at RM100.

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