Shekku New Face Duo Stick and Chu Chu Tone Up Sun Stick Review

I always have 'a thing' with beauty products that comes in a stick form. I love the convenience of bringing it anywhere without worrying about spillage or getting it broken, and of course, it is easier to use! And a dual ended stick is even better because 2 products in one, who doesn't want that? New Face Duo Stick and Chu Chu Tone Up Sun Stick are products from Shekku, a brand from South Korea that aims to provide affordable and quality products to their consumers. Curious to find out my thoughts on them? Read on love!

Shekku New Face Duo Stick is a product dedicated to remove blackheads and to tightens pores. Usually blackheads can be found on the nose, which is one of the most annoying skin problems ever!  I noticed that my pores on my nose gets bigger after blackheads removal, therefore by using the pores tightening can help to reduce the appearance of my pores. 

The Blackhead Stick is made of charcoal and cornstarch to remove skin impurities such as blackheads, whiteheads and dead skin cells. Why is it important to remove these impurities? Because they will clog your pores and create further skin problems such as acne, dry patches and so on. While removing blackheads and whiteheads, it will reduce sebum secretion (reduce the appearance of blemishes). Trust me, I had more that enough encounters where I neglected these dreadful blackheads which lead to huge acne on my nose. This Blackhead stick also helps to deeply cleanse the area and leaving the skin smooth to the touch while keeping healthy and free from impurities. It also helps to heal spartum corneum which is the outermost layer of the epidermis. What I love about using this blackhead remover is definitely because it is painless! If you are familiar with nose strip, then you know how painful it can be during removal.  Sometimes I don't mind the pain, but there were times when it was really painful and I feel like my nose is coming off as well! It is super easy to use as I use it after cleansing my face and start rubbing it into my skin (nose area specifically) for a few minutes (until sufficient foam has formed). You can opt to rinse it with water but I prefer to use a damp facial cloth and wipe it off gently My nose sure feels so soft and smooth! After removing blackheads, then it's time to tighten up the pores using the other side of the duo stick, which is the Ice Pore Stick.

Ice Pore Stick is made of Iceland Glacier Water, Xylitol and Blue Complex H extract to tighten pores, gives cooling effect and smooth the skin. After removing blackheads, it's important to use a product to tighten the pores to reduce the appearance of large pores. With the existence of these 3 main ingredients,  this product helps to improve skin tone, lowers skin temperature and reduce puffiness. I like that it gives a cooling sensation during application, somehow it makes me think that it's doing it's job in reducing my pores! After using the Blackhead Stick, straight away using the Ice Pore Stick on the area that you applied the Blackhead Stick and tap lightly so that the products is fully absorbed into the skin. You will have the smoothest skin ever!

You can watch my Instagram Video to find out how I use this Shekku New Face Duo Stick!

Nose area after usage of Blackhead Stick and Ice Pore Stick.

Next product is Shekku Chu Chu Tone Up Sun Stick with SPF50+ PA+++ that brightens the skin with anti-wrinkle properties. Enriched with 5 plant-based oil for moisturization purpose and soft-skin effect and 7 types of Vitamin Complex for brightening purpose and keeping the skin free from impurities. This product is created for a nude makeup look, the perfect base if you are into minimal make up. Sometimes I would use this stick as a foundation and other times, I would use it as a primer to give my skin brightness, glowing and dewy effect. The coverage is minimal as it does not cover my scars therefore as I said, I can use it as primer or own it's on depending on my preference. This stick is great for touch ups as it comes with a brush as well. The brush is slightly dense but I can make it work if I need to use it when I'm outside. 

The skin base / foundation
The portable brush

Looking at the swatches, you might think that this is way too fair on my skin. However, after blending it out, the foundation matches my skin perfectly and I love how it gives my skin a glowing effect. It's also a plus point that it contains SPF50+ PA+++  meaning that I can skip my sun screen to save some time while dolling up! :D 

One layer of Shekku Chu Chu Tone Up Sun Stick
Check out my Instagram Video to find out how I use Shekku Chu Chu Tone Up Sun Stick with SPF50+ PA+++ !

Shekku New Face Duo Stick and  Shekku Chu Chu Tone Up Sun Stick with SPF50+ PA+++ is priced at RM149 each, but you can now get both at only RM249! Click HERE to purchase directly! Both of these products are KKM approved, therefore there is no need to worry about safety while using them!. :)

If you need further information on Shekku's products, do visit their website :

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