THE FACE SHOP Christmas Gifts And 2018 Upcoming Products

If you have been following me on Instagram, you might have seen this array of Christmas goodies that I've received from THE FACE SHOP. Being one of THE FACE SHOP fan, I am surely delighted to discover new products that will be coming our way in 2018. I have so much to share, let's jump right in, shall we? ;)

Yehwadam Revitalizing Moisturizing Sleeping Pack

A sleeping pack is an essential beauty product in my skincare routine, as it will revive tired and dull skin overnight. Yehwadam Revitalizing Moisturizing Sleeping Pack is enriched with Fresh Flower Water of Peony, Lotus, Safflower, Chrysanthemum and Honeysuckle to provide many benefits for the skin.

Peony : Improve blood circulation
Lotus : Retain moisture in skin and relieves stressed skin
Safflower : Restores moisture and gives cooling sensation
Chrysanthemum : Skin-soothing properties and anti-oxidant effect
Honeysuckle : Removes impurities for a healthy looking skin

This sleeping pack also contains Gyuwhabang Complex, a 3 traditional herbs that helps to revitalize, rejuvenate and re-energize the skin. The 3 traditional herbs include Korean Ginseng from Punggi, Safflower from Jiri Mountain and Goji Berry fro Cheongyang. 

The texture of the sleeping pack is translucent and lightweight. It feels cooling on the skin when applied and it leaves a slight watery feel on the skin. I will massage my skin during application and leave it on overnight. Rinse off the next morning and experience a soft, smooth and well hydrated skin. I love this as it doesn't give me that heavy and greasy feel after application. And of course, I love how refreshed and moisturized my skin feels, highly recommend this for those who are looking for a hydration sleeping pack. A tube of Yehwadam Revitalizing Moisturizing Sleeping Pack is retailed at RM110 including GST and will be available in January 2018.

White Seed Spotlight Radiance Cream

The White Seed range is specifically created for those who are looking for products that can brightens up the skin. I have a full review on the range (CLICK HERE) to find out more about the range but as for today, there is a new addition to the range which is the White Seed Spotlight Radiance Cream which helps to brightens and moisturize the skin for a luminous and hydrated complexion. With the combination of two main ingredients ; White Lupine Seed and White Daisy, this cream helps to improve skin dryness, restore moisture, slow down the production of melanin and skin soothing as well. The Spotlight Radiance Cream is used as the final step in day skincare routine as it also contains Titanium Dioxide that can protect the skin from harmful UV rays. 

The texture of this cream is rich, therefore it will take some time for the cream to be absorbed into the skin. The floral scent is quite alright, not too overpowering. There is actually a slight tint when applied on the skin, that is why it helps to instantly brightens up the skin. It sure does leave a nice glow on the skin which I enjoy very much. A jar of THE FACE SHOP Spotlight Radiance Cream is priced at RM131.33 including GST and it is already available in store.

Bubble Bubble Foaming Cleansers

I personally love foaming cleansers because they are gentle on the skin. What makes this Bubble Bubble Foaming Cleansers special is because each of this variants are infused with tea extract that target specific skin's condition. You can opt for Mild Foaming Cleanser, Deep Foaming Cleanser or Moisturizing Foaming Cleanser

Mild Foaming Cleanser the only gel foaming cleanser that has a pH level similar to skin which is perfect for those with sensitive skin. With White Tea extract as the main ingredient, it will minimizes skin irritation and it has a quick recovery effect on the skin. Hence skin damages can be repaired immediately by using this mild cleansing foam. 

Deep Foaming Cleanser is a rich and foamy cleanser formulated with Black Tea extract  to deeply removes impurities and keeping the skin healthy and fresh. I personally would use a deep cleanser once a week, simply because I would like to keep my skin healthy by removing all the impurities clogged in my pores. The texture of the foam is a bit dense as it helps to removes the impurities effectively. This cleanse is suitable for those with oily skin as it can help to control sebum secretion and prevent blemishes.

Moisturizing Foaming Cleanser has Pu-Erh Tea extract which provides hydration towards dry, patchy and scaly skin. It stimulates blood circulation which is beneficial in making the skin looks youthful and radiant. I would definitely go for this cleanser if I'm having dry skin madness because I love how clean and hydrated my skin feels after washing my face.

Of all the 3 variants, I would use the Mild Foaming Cleanser for daily use, Deep Foaming Cleanser for once a week treatment and Moisturizing Foaming Cleanser on my dry skin days. A tube of Bubble Bubble Foaming Cleanser is retailed at RM27 including GST and will be available in January 2018. 

Anti Darkening-Cushion

Yes! A new cushion foundation range is coming to stores January 2018 and this time around, the range is called Anti-Darkening Cushion. This range is said to provides velvety finish and radiant glowing skin. Say NO to dull skin! I will have another blog post on this cushion foundation, so do keep a look out, okay? ;)

Stylist Easy + Quick Hair Color Treatment

For someone who never dyes her hair, this particular product is making me want to dye my hair! Stylist Easy + Quick Hair Color Treatment is a temporary hair dye that can last up to 7 days. With ingredients such as Shea Butter and Macadamia Oil, it will surely protect you hair and will not damage it. You will get 2 items in the box which includes the hair dye and a plastic wrap to cover your hair. There are 4 shades that you can choose from ; Cherry Red, Lavender Blue, Green Blue and Rose Quartz.

Rose Quartz
I actually really, really want to try this out especially the shade Rose Quartz. But I need to confirm whether it is safe for me to use it as I am currently pregnant. I will keep you guys updated if I ever try this out. But seriously, I really think that this is a great option for those who wants temporary hair color for the holidays and also for those who loves changing up their hair color. A box of this hair dye  is retailed at RM31 including GST and will be available in store and online in January 2018.

Phew, now that's a lot of products! Make sure to drop by THE FACE SHOP stores or ONLINE to check out these upcoming products. Thank you so much THE FACE SHOP Malaysia for these wonderful gifts as I am able to share it with my readers too! :)

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