Gaston Luga Clässy Navy & Brown Backpack

I'm all about comfort, style and how much I can keep my stuff in when it comes to choosing a bag. And now particularly with a toddler, sometimes I don't even bother to have a separate bag for Marissa because I always go for a bag that can fit Marissa's stuff and mine too. My current favourite type of bag when I go out with Marissa is definitely a backpack and the latest addition to my backpack collection is from Gaston Luga, the Clässy Navy & Brown backpack. Gaston Luga hails from Stockholm, Sweden and rest assured you will love all of their bag's designs. 

When choosing the bag, I know I didn't want a black bag. I wanted something different hence the Navy and Brown bag. I really think it is easy to match it with basically any colours especially if I'm wearing neutral colours or pastels. I think it stands out without compromising the style. I chose the Clässy type because I love how feminine it looks and not to mentioned it is the smallest size of any other range. I am a petite woman and most backpack will be too bulky for me and this Clässy  bag is the perfect size for me.

Even though it's the smallest, it fits so much of my stuff! It comes with a pocket at the back and I use it to keep my phone. I really think this is a smart idea because this is a safe spot to prevent any 'pick-pocket' issue. It has 2 big compartments and 2 smaller compartments where I can store smaller items such as my lipsticks, pocket tissues or cards. I can fit my 13" Macbook perfectly alongside Marissa's water bottle, diaper, a small towel, a pack of huge wet tissues, a camera, my purse and a small pouch. 

If you are interested to purchase this bag (or any other bags in the website), you can get free shipping and 20% off as tax rebate (from non-EU country). You can then use my code "SABBYPRUE" to get 15% off on their site - after tax rebate ( Don't forget to check out the website for latest price. They have a seasonal campaign now where you can get a free leather tag address with every purchase of backpack!

You really should check out the website because I just love all the designs as they are up-to-date and stylish without comprimising space and comfort. Especially if you are a mommy like me, you will love this women backpack, seriously!

For more information on Gaston Luga, do check out their links :
Website :
Instagram : @gastonluga

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