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Last month in bulan puasa, I was invited to an exclusive sharing session with Guardian Malaysia with two of their promising brands, Palladio and Katherine & Bobby. It was indeed a very fun gathering as I got to meet up with my fellow blogger friends and media. And of course, I got to play with beauty products, sooooo yeah, I don't have to say more, right? :D The gathering is solely for us to get to know the two brands, Palladio and Katherine & Bobby. I'm pretty sure you makeup junkies are familiar with Palladio. I've tried Palladio makeup before and I even have a video/blog swatching their liquid lip matte which I adore. You can actually find the video in Guardian KLCC (if it is still there) *hehe*

Palladio's formulation is based on ingredients that are botanical and all of their products are vitamin infused. Trust their products has amazing ingredients that is beneficial to the skin such as Shea Butter, Argan Oil, Aloe, Chamomile and so much more. I'm gonna show you guys some of the new stuff from them that you are going to love!

Existing products : The Eyeshadow Quad is lovely! 

Existing products
New : Palladio The Definer Contour + Highlight Palette

This contour palette is beautiful! It's soft and buttery, easy to blend out. With 3 shades to highlight and strobe, while 3 shades to contour and define those cheekbones and jawlines! I used this palette to contour my face in my Raya makeup Tutorial, do check that out on my Instagram! This palette of contour and highlight powders are made of ginseng, chamomile and aloe.

New : Twisted In Love Intensifying Mascara
If you go to Guardian, take a closer look at the wand because it is equipped with a 'twisted' heart-shaped brush! The bristles comb separates lashes with its rich black shade and gives maximum volume to lashes. It does intensify my lashes but you need to wait for a while as the formulation is wet. Be careful after application to avoid smudging. The list of ingredients include Panthenol, bamboo extract and bayberry fruit.

New : Pressed Rice Powder
 If you are familiar with Palladio, you should know their Rice Paper for oil blotting + powder is their best seller. Now they have the pressed powder version that is greta for touch ups! It will absorb excessive oil and mattify the face.It comes in 2 shades ; translucent and natural. The main ingredient for this pressed powder is Rice Amylum.

New : 4Ever+Ever Intense Lip Paint
The pigmentation of this product is to die for! Seriously, all the shades are so stunning. Being a lipstick junkie that I am, I swatched all 6 shades for you guys. :D I think the colour selection is good, considering we have the nudes (brown and peachy undertone, the fuchsia, and 3 different red undertones (orange, brown and purple). 

This lip paint glides smoothly on the lips, leaves a glossy effect on the lips. It is highly pigmented, hence one swipe is enough for each application. However it does bleed a little bit therefore using a lip liner is recommended if you are using the red shades. It does transfer even after an hour of application but it leaves a beautiful lip stain. So do yourself a favour and check this out ok?

Katherine & Bobby is a new name to me. I've never heard it before but guys, I think I have found my new favourite hydrating mist. :) Katherine & Bobby Hydrating Mist hails from Sydney Australia, a product that is beneficial in many ways. It is infused with a balanced mineral composition that does not dry out the skin, sooth and anti-irritant properties, gentle to the skin with pH 7.5. Use Katherine & Bobby Hydrating Mist for hydration, rejuvenate the skin, protect the skin from harsh environment and sooth skin irritation. I am currently using this face mist after cleansing, before my moisturizer. I also use this at any time of the day when I feel my skin is dry and I need something to refresh my skin. This hydrating mist can also be used to set your make up. I love how the spray disperses fine mist and it feels cooling and refreshing on my face. You guys need to try this out! Currently they have an introductory price where you can get RM99.88 for 3 bottles, so affordable! And one bottle is 300ml! :D 

After the presentation, there was a makeup demonstration using Palladio products and Katherine & Bobby Hydrating Mist. After that, we were told that we have to do the 15 minutes makeup challenge using both of the brands and upload 2 photos (makeup and OOTD).  Erkkk I think I can do 15 minutes makeup because I already have 2 kids. *LOL*

I was busy blending my eyeshadow but I had no idea what Illy is doing. :P
Okay what's up with the hand pose? T_T

This is my final 15 minutes makeup look! My tip for quick make up, put on a bold lipstick when you don't have the time because a bold lips will stand out more than anything else on your face. :P I actually won the makeup challenge! *woohooo* :P Thank you so much Guardian Malaysia for having me at this exclusive session with bloggers. I love this kind of intimate session as we can explore each products and play with them. And of course, because of this session, I can share about these two brands with my readers. :) If you guys are interested to try out Palladio products and Katherine & Bobby Hydrating Mist, visit Guardian Malaysia near you and try them for yourself! :)

For more information on Guardian Malaysia, please visit :
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