Zahara Cosmetics Wudhu Friendly Nail Polish

I have to admit, I love seeing fancy nails on girls because they look pretty and artistic. Even though I love looking at 'em nails but I myself am not much of a nail polish kinda gal because of one and only reason, I can't perform my prayers if I have nail polish on. I don't have the energy to paint, remove, repaint and so on. And also going to nail parlour for mani pedi is also a waste of money if I have to remove it after spending money on it. Unless if it's during my period, then it's not an issue. But of course, thanks to technology, we now have water permeable nail polishes that is wudhu friendly and suitable for Muslim girls. 

One brand that I am simply impress with the formulation is from Zahara Cosmetics, a halal European crafted cosmetics. Zahara Cosmetics nail polish is water permeable and breatheable which makes it wudhu friendly. What does it mean by breatheable? Zahara's nail polish utilizes "a special formula that allows oxygen and water vapor to pass through the surface of the polish to reach your beautiful nails". This helps to prevent the nails from the yellow stain. 

Zahara team also sent out their nail polish to a third party to test the water-permeability. What they did was : The nail polish is painted onto filter paper and a hygrometer (an instrument that measures water content in the atmosphere) is placed below the paper. Water is then rubbed onto surface of the polish while the water level is measured on the other side of the filter with the hygrometer. 

The result : 1 coat and 2 coat experiments water level in the atmosphere increased to 95%, proving water permeability. 

Zahara nail polishes are 'wudhu-friendly' due to its breathability and water-permeability features which makes it wearable for Muslim women any time of the day. These vegan and crulety-free nail polishes are also free from Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin and Camphor. 

Paint your nails as usual, paint 1 to 2 thin coats to get even finish. Do not apply more than 2 coats to make sure the water-permeability feature stay strong. It is advisable to rub water throughly into nails for about 30 seconds to ensure water goes in during ablution. Even though I did not use the top coat, my nails are glossy shine, love the finish! And it dries up really quick, super easy to apply and remove too! 

After application
After 3 days

Even after 3 days, there's only a slight chipping on my nails and they are still glossy and shiny. I am a full time mom and I do a tremendous amount of house chores so this nail polish hold on pretty strong! I am really impressed! Oh I forgot to tell you that I chose the shade 'Modesty Muse' which is muted grey shade. I love this colour because it looks natural, but different than the usual nudes. They have other gorgeous shades (CLICK HERE FOR OTHER SHADES) I am definitely gonna get the Periwinkle Perfect and War Paint, these two are beautiful! If you want to purchase any of the nail polish, use my code "SABRINA10" to get 10% off! The code is valid util 31st August 2018, thank you very much! :)

I know we Muslim girls wanna have a little bit of fun painting our nails, now we can do it girls! :D

For more information on Zahara Cosmetics, please visit :
Instagram : @lovefromzahara

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  1. OK undoubtedly, zahara nail polish is one of my fav! betol dia glossy even tho u dot put on a top coat n this colour maigad nice giler!



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