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Hey guys, are you still in the mood for Raya? Well I do, and I would still go beraya this weekend too! :D Last Sunday I attended a Raya celebration with Gamuda Land in Kundang Estates which is located in Rawang. Truth to be told, I am also excited to see their show units as I love seeing new, contemporary and fresh houses designs. Not to mentioned the home interior too. The event started of with the performance from IIUM Percussion Club, entertaining guests with their brilliant talent. Marissa enjoyed their performance as she stood still through out the songs. :D

Right after that, Cik Manggis from De'Fam made an appearance and sang 3 songs for us. She is absolutely fun and such a good sport! Love seeing her interacted with the kids on stage being playful and her voice, well you should know by now that she has an amazing voice. If you don't know, then maybe you should check her out on Instagram because her dance videos are too awesome!

Through out the open house, there's lucky draws and games for guests and two grand prize winners  for lucky draw walked away with a washing machine and a refrigerator. Say what?? I should come to open houses like this more in the future. *LOL*

Bro Framestone and other bloggers won lucky draw, so lucky!

There were other fun activities during the open house, and most of them are our traditional games such as Tarik Upih, Congkak, Batu Seremban and Catch The Chicken. Giant Bubble is a crowd favourite, and Marissa didn't miss the chance to play around with bubbles. I think she played for about half an hour, but I know she wanted to stay there longer. She can play with bubbles all day long, I kid you not. She didn't play anything else except for the Batu Seremban (which she threw at me. T_T) because she doesn't know how to play all those games. I will teach her once she's older. 

Okay so the most exciting part for me is to explore the 2 show units, which are the Citron Homes and Valerian Homes. Citron Homes is double-storey Deluxe terrace house (24' x 70') while Valerian Homes is a double storey link home (20' x 70'). Lets check out each house and their specification!


Living hall and dining
Living hall
Dry Kitchen
Wet Kitchen
Room no. 4 with bathroom (downstairs)
Family lounge - perfect for entertainment
Bedroom no. 3 with bathroom. Bedroom no.2 is slightly bigger with bathroom too.
Master bedroom
Hello walk-in-closet :)
I love the high ceilings!
My take on the Citron Homes? LOVE everything about it! 4 bedrooms with 4 bathrooms, dry and wet kitchen, 2 living halls, high ceilings and little backyard at the back. Yes I want to live here. :D All the rooms are spacious, the designs are contemporary and unique. Any family would want this. 


Living Hall and dining
Dry and wet kitchen
Bedroom no. 4 with bathroom (downstairs)
Study area for children
Room no. 3 with shared bathroom
Room no.2 with shared bathroom
Master Bedroom
Master bedroom's bathroom
Valerian Homes is a great house too, with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, dry and wet kitchen. The only difference is the size difference and to be honest any of these 2 houses are perfect in any way. It's up to you really which one suits your budget. :D 

The event ended with Raya food for guests and of course raya is not complete with nasi impit, kuih kacang and rendang! We had fun beraya with Kundang Estates and I hope you enjoyed looking at the show units too. Oh, this really makes me want to save more for our future house. Wish me luck ok? *hahaha* If you want to know more about Gamuda Land Kundang Estates, check out their website and also visit their Sales Gallery to see for yourself the show units! :)

Peace out!

Lot 24680, Jalan Kundang-Tasik Puteri
Bandar Baru Kundang, Rawang, Selangor Darul Ehsan

Tel : 03 - 6034 2882

Waze : Kundang Estates Sales Gallery

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