Pony Brown Skin Hue Masks Review

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Another day, another post on my favourite beauty products, face masks! I can never get enough of face masks, seriously you should take a look in my skincare drawer. You won't believe your eyes *hahaha* There's so much in the market that I want to try, but today I'm going to share about a face mask that works instantly to give you the perfect skin!

PONY BROWN comes all the way from Korea (since 2007), the country of skincare heaven! It has one iconic hoody little girl character called Marrife to represent PonyBrown and she is so cute! It is created by Mane, a Korean Animation Artist who created his artistic works based on positivity to bring out the goodness in people in the world, to make the world a better place to live in. In a collaboration with Naturie Korea Laboratory & Research, PONY BROW PLUS+ is born and this line  has skincare and cosmetics products which is currently being sold in Asia and Europe. All the products are MADE IN KOREA with well-tested ingredients and efficacy.

I received 2 variants from the Skin Hue Face Mask range, the Clearing Black Mask and Radiance Face Mask. Skin Hue Clearing Black Mask is designed to clear out impurities and to purify the skin for a better complexion. This face mask is formulated with On-Medi line complex which includes 7 plant extracts and sodium hyaluronate. These ingredients provides the effect of brightening,  moisturizing,  anti-oxidant, anti-aging, purifying, soothing and anti-irritation. Natural Bamboo Charcoal fiber mask is used as the sheet mask's material as it helps to remove impurities and unclog pores, restore skin complexion, balance skin sebum production, minimize pores and skin texture. 

The texture of the mask is watery and because of that, it fits my face like a dream! It doesn't slip off, it stays on really well through 15-20 minutes of usage. It feels cooling and refreshing during application, I can feel that my skin is soaking up all the benefits from the ingredients. After removing the face mask, I massaged the remaining residue on my skin until all is fully absorbed. My skin feels instantly clean, purified, fresh and brightened up!  

You can totally see the difference in this photo, right? My skin has become more radiant than the before photo! Absolutely a great quick fix on a daily basis if you want quick solution to a better complexion. My skin also feels soft, smooth and bouncy after application and this would be a great prepping tool before putting on makeup.

I also received the Skin Hue Radiance Face Mask which is perfect to be used alternately with the Black Clearing Mask. It's a perfect combination as the Black mask is to purify the skin, while the Radiance Mask can provide hydration and sooth the skin. Each mask on alternate day, that works doubled, maximizing the results!

Skin Hue Radiance Mask is formulated with Melavoid (Global Skin Lightening Active) and Bio-Radi Complex (natural complex mulberry, quince, fig and papaya) and honey extract for making the skin more radiant and even out skin tone. Natural cellulose fiber mask sheet is used as the material of the mask as the thin and lightweight mask  maximizes the absorption of the essence. 

Instantly glowing and radiant! Love this mask as it lifts up my skin and makes my skin super soft and supple!

Use Black masks and normal hue mask on alternate day to get better skin results on a daily basis. Trust me guys, these combo are so good for your skin! :) A box of Skin Hue Mask Range is priced at RM40.00 for a pack of 5 pieces (23ml each).  You can get PONY BROWN Black Hue Skin Hue Mask Range on 11street and do check out their Facebook Page and Instagram for more details :

Facebook : Ponybrown Malaysia
Instagram : @ponybrownmalaysia

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  1. Wow, your skin do look glowing in the after photo! Nice post <3




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