FCC CC Cream Launch

Assalamualaikum and hello. :)

I went to the launch of new CC Cream by FCC (Farmasi Colour Cosmetic) in the evening today and it was a blast! I had fun meeting all the lovely people from FCC and also meeting new bloggers and MUAs. :) I will update on links/blogs when I have a proper time to do it (my laptop is acting up and I guess it's time to search for a new laptop. There goes my kachinggggg -_- )

The event was held at Ara Hill Clubhouse in Ara Damansara. Yes I did get lost but i managed to find my way back. hehe The event started around 230 - 3pm and hosted by Sasha Saidin. There were games (I got a pashmina) hehe and my new friend Kak Ati got a palette worth RM200.. Uwaaa jealous! Hihi

Oh we got a full size CC Cream and day cream samples to bring home and yes I'm excited to try it out! I also bought 2 of their blushes, a lipstick and an eyeliner in green. I will do a review with swatches for all the things I got from FCC, so be sure to keep watching this space. ;)

Enjoy the photos darlings! I will edit and insert lovely captions under each photos once my laptop is behaving. Have a good day everyone! :)

FCC  products

Yours truly in :

Chiffon dress | Poplook
Nude Pink blazer | H & M, Seoul
Silk Shawl | Present from my bf's mom
Hobo bag | Charles & Keith
Pink Stilettos | Melissa
Bracelet | Diva
Watch | Guess

the host, Sasha Saidin

before the event 

I arrived at 1.40pm. huhu

with kak ati yang kelakar! :)

with kak aju yg sweet :)

with kak mimie yg muda remaja :)

new friends. :D

and the sweet and pretty fatin suhana. :)


during the event

things that I bought (except for the CC Cream). I will review all the products by next week. stay tuned! :)

Till then,

Sabby Prue



  1. Wah! sangat best nye this event and you looked gorgeous babe!really like your dress + shawl. they're look lovely on you.

    1. Thanks so much dear! It was a very nice event. One day we pegi events sama2 ok? :)

  2. Bestnya,,,ada fatin pulak tu! :( kan best dpt ikut u semlm.... ada hal pulak ptg tu..... hope to see you soon!

    1. It's ok dear, next time k. I saw ur instagram on the wechat event. Bestnye! :)

  3. nice entry n pics...(^_^)...yup..memang sgt best dapat palette tuh : 'Sapphire' Make-Up Palette .. alhamdulillah..berkat dtg awal kot..hheheeh..keep in touch ea..

    1. Hihi best la kak ati dpt tu.. Yup2 keep in touch ok, nanti bna follow blog akak.. :)



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