YADAH Birthday Party!

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone! :)

I'm sorry this is an overdue post, I'm so caught up with my baking business. :')  Lets start, shall we? :)

What : YADAH Birthday Party
When : 23rd May 2013, 1.30 - 5.30pm
Where : Sasa, Cheras Leisure Mall 

Have you heard about Yadah? I found out about this product through Sabrina Tajudin's blog because she is always reviewing Yadah's product.  Yadah skincare products are formulated without harsh chemicals such as parabens, phthalates, sulphates and many more.  The key ingredients in their products is organic Opuntia Ficus extracts that has the benefit of anti-inflammatory and moisturizing functions. You can expect the skincare products to be gentle on your skin which makes it suitable for any types of skin.

If you are interested to know more about Yadah's skincare product, visit :
Website : YADAH
Facebook : Yadah Malaysia


......The event......




The display table



I'm not sure why there is no one from the Yadah's family at the display booth to briefly explain about the skincare. I would like to know more about the skincare ranges. 

The birthday cake



The birthday cupcakes

Oh ya there were yummy sandwiches for our tummy! :D

There were 2 fun booths for everyone to participate. The first one is the Hanbok fitting booth where we can try on Hanbok. I tried the hanbok just for fun and I received an instax photo and a ring too. The 2nd booth was the manicure. And..... we need to pay RM5 for each booth (if you wanna join the activities). That came as a surprise because I never experienced having to pay for anything in a birthday party. Yes RM5 is not much, and I have no problem paying, but I was surprised, that's all.

The models presenting the skincare products and bags from PG Mall



I don't understand the purpose of show casing the products together with the bags. If they really want to explain about the skincare, for me the best way is to explain it to us at the display counter and let us try the products. Personally, I feel that the bags stole the limelight. The MC did explained about the products when each models came out but it was just too noisy to hear anything. 

I thought that the birthday party is a private event but it turned out to be public. Not a problem if it's a public event but I just hope that there were more seats. Most of the bloggers were looking kinda lost standing up and don't know what to do. 

But despite of everything, I did enjoy myself meeting other bloggers and getting to know Yadah's products. I'm interested to try out Yadah's products! Thanks for having me at the event and I wish Yadah all the best! I hope this year will bring more success to Yadah! :)

p/s : There's always room for improvement, don't sweat on the past. Make sure your next event will be better and awesome! xoxo


Acoustic performance

Dance performance

The 3 lucky bloggers. They won bags from PG Mall. 

Goodies box from YADAH!

Thanks for the samples Yadah, I'm excited to try them out! :)

......Photos during the event......

I looked so pale and tired. Don't mind my senget tudung. haha :D

Girls in hanbok!

I'm with the adorable Farisha :)

Yeay, finally gotta meet the famous Sabrina Tajudin!  I know 3 Sabrinas in the blogging world now. Any other SABRINA out there?? :D

*Sabrina's the one who invited me to the event, thanks dear! <3

Till then dearies!


Sabby Prue



  1. looks like this event was great..:)

    1. hihi okla, always ada room for improvement kan.. :D

  2. Hehe I love our picture together <3 :D

  3. So cutee! Wish to go that day but stucked in genting :(

    1. awwww.. it's ok dear, there will be more events in the future. hope to bump into you one of these days! :)

  4. im like what? the famous Sabrina Tajudin? haha! i dont know why you said that. haha! anyway, thank you so much for accepting my invitation, but to be honest i felt a lil embarrassed and disappointed as for all the trouble i cause you and wiida. the event wasnt go so well, i was upset too but all i can say is i do have so much fun meeting you guys! hopw we can meet again! <3

    *i look so kembang in all the picture i saw from Yadah event from you and other blogger s too. omg, need to grab my sport shoe ASAP! >o<

    1. ahaha you are famous! ;) it's ok dear, I had fun meeting everyone, and finally I met u! so that's awesome, don't worry so much k. :) hahah me too, so kembang. kembang like balloons. haha



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