Astro Merdeka Campaign : Go Beyond + Your Malaysian Is Showing

Malaysia is turning 56 years old this year! Merdeka! :)

When I was younger, I don't really understand what independence means. All I know and understood was it is the day where everybody goes to Dataran Merdeka for parades and of course cuti sekolah! hihi :D As I grow older (I guess for everybody too) the meaning for independence kinda finds it way to your own head. To sum it up for me, I am just blessed to be born as a Malaysian. :)

I was invited to the launch of Astro Merdeka Campaign on August 24th at Mid Valley with other bloggers. To celebrate Merdeka this year, Astro has come out with a campaign that is really close to our Malaysian hearts.

Astro targets to promote positivity and happiness among us through their #GoBeyond and #UrMalaysianIsShowing Campaign. All we, Malaysians have to do is to spread positivity and encourage positive energy to our surroundings and share your experience through your social media and include the #GoBeyond hashtags! All the positive actions will trigger the Positive Engine.

If you are not sure how to do it, click --->  Go Beyond Facebook App!

Unveiling of the Go Beyond Positive Meter by Henry Tan the Chief Operating Officer Astro

The Positive Engine located at 3rd Floor, Mid Valley

Can you see that my good deed adds 1 point to the Positive Engine?:)

When I was exploring the venue, I saw these t-shirts. The first thing that came to mind was "Ohsem gile! Totally Malaysian!" Hahaha *That could be on the shirt jugak kan? :D They have a bunch of shirts with Malaysian lingo for sale but you know the best part? You can customize or buy your own shirt  through #UrMalaysianIsShowing Facebook app. Wanna know how? Click HERE! All the proceeds of these Negaraku campaign t-shirts will go to a charity, Astro's Kasih (Astro Hostel Project) that helps 3 hostels with 499 students in buying school shoes and revision materials. Double ohsem! :)

Seeeee... I customize my own t-shirt! :D

We were introduced to the Astro Merdeka Campaign music video and also a  live performance by Shantesh, Erul, Jie Ying and Anantha.

Check out the official music video of Excuse Me Sir, Your Malaysian Is Showing!

Pak Nil and the adorable Lisa Surihani

Jason Phang, Jie Ying, Weon and Geraldine Gan

ehem ehem


The fun part of the day was the bloggers activities! We had to complete 27 tasks revolving Independence day and all things Malaysian in about an hour. Oh boy let me tell you, it was challenging as we have to sing, pose and talk to the passerby! haha it was so much fun but the most frustrating part that the internet coverage on the 3rd floor was so bad. :( It was hard to find a good spot to upload the photos and videos. Nevertheless, we managed to complete 18 out of 27 task. I guess that's not so bad. hehe

We are group 12! Isaac, Marya Hana, Yours Truly & Ben. It was nice working with you guys! xoxo

Some of the tasks that we needed to do....

Photos of Malaysian dishes

Give someone a shoulder massage

Help to clear some trash at the food court nearby

Pose like the Tugu Negara

Marya Hana & I. Stylo Mylo!
Some of the bloggers participated in the event

We headed to Blu Meds for the winners announcement and the winners are............
Photo Credit : Nuffnang IG

Congrats guysss! :)

Thanks so much for the goodies, an umbrella, a passport holder, a portable charger, a button badge and a t-shirt. And everything is in bright pink! My kinda colour. hehe :)

Make sure to check out all the websites I linked in my post for more info ya, and Selamat Menyambut Hari Merdeka everyone! :)

Till then,

Sabby Prue

*Disclaimer : This is a sponsored post.



  1. goodies dia best! portable charger, sgt berguna ok! haha!

  2. Assalamualaikum,

    hi! just wanna let you know that you're linked cos I enjoy reading your blog. keep on updating, yea? =)

    1. wslm, thanks dearie! :) hey what's ur blog link? I couldnt find it :(



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