Zespri Kiwifruit 14-Day Challenge : Day 14 - Recap and my experience!

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone!

We have come to the final day of my Zespri Daily Scoop of 14-Day Amazing Challenge! Woot Woot! ^_^ I am so excited to share my experience consuming these kiwis for the past 14 days with all of you. But before that. lets take a look at my journey of the 14 days through the photo collage I created below. :)

When I was approached for this challenge I was so interested to do it because I have been trying on living a healthier lifestyle since May 2013. I signed up for a gym membership to tone my body and trying my best to eat healthy. I've been making smoothies at least 4 times a week to incorporate fruits and veggies in my diet, trying my best to avoid fast food or processed food intake and anything that can contribute to a healthier lifestyle. I've been snacking on organic and natural tidbits too. It seems impossible in the first place but trust me, it will get easier once you are used to it. I'm not saying I don't eat fast food, or I don't eat dessert or eat those yummy cheesy and fattening stuff, what I do is control my portion. There's a quote I swear by,  'Create healthy habits, not restrictions.' You can eat whatever you want, but everything must be in moderation.

Including kiwis in my daily diet has been amazing! I was given 2 types of Kiwi :

Zespri Green Kiwi : Tad bit sour, harder in texture (compare to Sun Gold). Great for cooking and baking.
Zespri Sun Gold Kiwi : Sweet, softer texture. Great for smoothies/drinks and eat on its own.

Throughout this 14-Days, the major things that I love about Zespri kiwifruit:

Digestive Health
Kiwi really does help in my digestion system because usually within 2 hours after I consumed my kiwi, my stomach will tell me that I need to go and do some business. haha It is because Kiwi is a good source of fiber that helps to improve bowel movement and  reduce bloated feeling. Kiwi also contains actinidin (protease enzyme) that breaks down proteins such as meat and dairy to ease digestion process. I love the feeling of bloated-less, awesome..... :D

Low in Calorie 
You know I've been wanting to lose some weight and tone up my body so Kiwi is such a great snack treat. It is only 60kcal for 100g serving. Furthermore, it is low-glycaemic (low GI) food that helps to control the blood's sugar which is awesome for weight management.

Rich in Vitamin C , Vitamin E & antioxidant
All of these sources are awesome for your skin! Yeah it's early to tell whether it really makes a different to your skin, but hey NATURAL food is definitely way better for your skin than processed food, am I right? ;)

Kiwifruit is so versatile. I mean there's a million ways you can use it for! What do I do with my kiwi?
I cut it in half and eat on its own.
I mixed it in my oatmeal.
I mixed it with my smoothies.
I made kiwi popsicles.
I made kiwi drinks.
I DIY facial mask using kiwi.
I baked a cake using kiwi. 

I believe there is more way to fully utilize these kiwis, explore explore explore! ;)

I would like to say thank you so much to Zespri and Edelman for giving me the opportunity to explore and experience the goodness of Zespri Kiwis. Zespri's kiwis are totally fresh, delicious and has so much benefits to one's body. I love both of the kiwis, but if I have to choose a favourite type of kiwi, I would definitely go for Zespri Sun Gold Kiwi. The taste  is just uhmmmmmm yummy! :)

To ally friends out there, do try to incorporate kiwi in your daily diet, you will see the difference. You will only need a kiwi a day to fulfill your Vitamin C daily intake, that's not much right? :) Check out their website and Facebook page for info on Zespri, details on benefits, recipes and also the contest that is happening right now!

Official Website : Zespri New Zealand Kiwifruit
Facebook Page : Zespri Kiwifruit Malaysia

Till then,

Sabby Prue

*Disclaimer : Everything I wrote is my own opinion. NOTHING influences or affect my review.



  1. wow! this challenge does look interesting! not only the idea we get to only consume kiwi the old ways, you gave us lots of ideas on how to consume the kiwi in many recipes! they sure look yummeeeyyyy!!!!!

    1. yeah babe, there are so much ways! hihi and they are yummmmyyyy! :)



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