Wind Chimes In A Bakery, the love story series by Samsung Galaxy 4.

Asssalamualaikum and hello love! :)

Last Saturday I was invited by Ayna to join her to a baking workshop, organized by Samsung. The location took place at At19 Culinary, Jalan Dungun, Damansara Height. I know that the area is in Bukit Damansara, but I was not really sure about the exact location. Thank God for GPS! Hihi

I arrived at 1.30pm, just in time when the first session has ended. Wheeeee ^_^

Wind Chimes in a Bakery is an 8 episodes of web series brought to you by Samsung Galaxy S4. The series is a Korean-inspired love stories revolves around Adam (played by Ahmad Nabil) ans Sue (Koe Yeet). I watched the first 3 episodes in YouTube and I would never guess that it is a Malaysian movie because I felt that the settings, locations, the shots, everything is so Korean! Well maybe because the director is a Korean. Hihi :)

This is a love story between Adam and Sue who has one dream which is to open up a bakery. Adam is the talented baker and his signature star is the red bean bun. And that is why we are here to learn how to bake red bean bun! Wheeee I love to bake (if you don't already know that I bake for a living -_- ) so yeahh lets learn how to bake this yummy red bean buns! :)

The ingredients for the red bean buns.

Nabil and Koe Yeet were there to bake with us!

The far right is Suraya, our baking instructor for the day. :)

First step, gotta heat up the milk, oil, salt and sugar. Do not let it boil, we just want to heat up the milk mixture because. If the milk is too hot, it will kill the yeast that we are about to add in.

Add in yeast, stir. Add in sifted flour, baking powder and baking soda. Mix well.

Until you get this consistency. Place a towel on top of the bowl and set aside. We need at least an hour for the dough to rise. But of course we don't have to wait for an hour, because they already prepared extra dough earlier. ;)

These two are such goofballs! They were always bullying each other.. Hahaha so funny!

Weighing the dough so they will all be equal size.

Suraya showing how to roll the dough and how to insert the red bean paste into the dough. She showed us 2 ways to make the red bean a bit different than the usual round shape. 

Tammy so serious. Hehe

Another blogger made a Hello Kitty! So cute!

After shaping your dough, use melted butter on the bun and sprinkle sesame seeds to make them look even more pretty and yummyy!

I love this photo!! ;)

With Koe Yeet aka Sue. She is so cute! And she has such a beautiful smile. Super friendly and down to earth kinda girl. Urghhh nak picit2! Haha :P she is purely Malaysian btw, not a Korean. Heee

This is Nabil aka Adam. He is so nice and so fun to talk to. We asked him so many questions and he happily answered them. Hihi oh he's one good looking fella too.. Ehem ehem :D

While waiting for the red bean buns in the oven, we went to the living rooms to watch the first 4 episodes of the web series. And of course Q&A session! They even talked about their experiences working with the production crews and the Korean director. :D

Let me tease you with the first episode of the Wind Chimes In A Bakery. hehehe Go and check the rest of the episodes ya! 

Just a heads up, the remaining 4 episodes will be aired on :
Episode 5 - August 8
Episode 6 - August 16
Episode 7 - August 22
Episode 8 - August 30

And don't forget to visit Samsung Mobile Malaysia Facebook Pagee too! Click HERE!

Ahhh finally done baking.. Look at these babies.. 

These 3 are mine. Ok la kan? Hihi smells so goooood!

Since the Muslims are fasting, we packed these red bean buns so we can enjoy them during buka puasa!

I love the dough! So soft and sweet. The melted butter on top of the bun brings out the aroma of the bun. Ahhh I will shate with you guys the recipe in my future post ya because I'm gonna bake again this buns or maybe insert different type of filling. ;) 

With Sizzling Suzai, thanks for being my table partner alongside Mimi and Elwyn. 

Thanks again baby boo Ayna for inviting me! Love ya bebeh!

The apron we wore during the workshop with Nabil and Koe Yeet signatures. Awww Nabil drew a cupcake for me. Hehehe :P and Koe Yeet said that she loves my smile.. Awwww malu saya. :D hihi

I had so much fun at the baking workshop. Thanks to Samsung, Edelman (Andrew, Jung Yee, Geoffrey and Josephine) , Ayna (for extending the invite) and to Art19 Culinary for the amazing venue. The banglo is such a great place for the baking studio. Oh oh and they have so many classes and fun activities involving baking so make sure to check out their website! To all the baking and cooking enthusiasts, check out AT19 Culinary Studio website to know more about their cooking/baking classes and other amazing services. You wont regret it! ;)

Click these links :
Facebook Page : at19 Culinary

Ok dearies, tomorrow is RAYA!! Wheeeeeeeee I need to start baking and cooking. Bye guys, have a great Raya ok, but don't over eat. hehe. Maaf zahir dan batin love!

Till then,

Sabby Prue



  1. woohoo! bestnya..rugi pika tak dpt nak join hari tu sebab ada last minute problem..wuuu~~
    anyway Selamat Hari Raya Sabby ;)

  2. baru tgk post n..huhu nice having u as my table mate too ;) ble nk jmpe adam cute lg nihhhhhh hehe



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