Food Review : NBrew, Mid Valley

Last Friday I was invited to a food tasting at NBrew, Mid Valley. HAPPY. Why? Because I love desserts. That is a fact. I'm a big fan of ice fream, gelato, frozen yogurt! Anything cold and creamy is my favourite!That's why I immediately agreed to attend this food tasting. :D

What is NBrew?

NBrew uses a special technique that differentiate its gelato and yogurt to any other well known brand ice cream parlours. 

The difference?
- Gelato/Yogurt is made on the spot upon order by customers, using liquid nitrogen as a'special' magic.
- Natural ingredients,no artificial flavours, no stabilizers and no food colouring
- Low fat and low sugar content
- Egg free
- Smooth and creamy textures
- Unique flavours 

Seating area

Comfy seating area for larger group of people.

This is Colin, he is one of the men behind NBrew partners. He explains and demo all the steps on gelato-making. Wanna learn? Read on dearies! :)

You need to get a few things from here before starting off.

You see the smoke? He is filling up the flask with liquid nitrogen.

Measure the amount of mixture that we need. We were making 2 scoops of Vanilla Bean Twist Gelato, so 150ml is the amount we need. Pour the mixture into the mixer and blend.

While mixing, pour in the liquid nitrogen.

Jeng jeng jeng. Don't get nervous. This is normal! :D I'm not really good in chemistry but from what I understand, when the liquid nitrogen  mixed together with the vanilla mixture, it will turn the vanilla mixture into ice just a matter of seconds! And keep on mixing until you get your desired creamy texture.

Almost done!

Scoop it out and place those yummy gelato in a wafer cup and sticks some triangle wafer as deco.

Looks so good! I'm a vanilla kinda gal, so this is no surprise a winner for me! ;)

3 of the bloggers gotten the opportunity to try out the gelato/yogurt making. Waaaa so fun!

Mira CikCit was the first to go.

Gula Melaka and Avocado Gelato.

OMG. Died and gone to heaven. Sedap sangattttttt!! 

Sarah was the 2nd blogger and she made Intense Chocolate Gelato. 

For those who loves chocolate, this is for your. Dark Chocolate from Belgium, ooohhhhhhh... *drooling*

Next up was Madi, and he made....

Mango Yogurt!

You can definitely taste the freshness of the mango and let me tell you something, it ain't like any other frozen yogurt I've tasted before. Why? Because it is freshly made!

And additional to that, we've tasted the combination of 3 textures/flavours which were vanilla gelato, salted caramel and espresso. Yummers! Especially for the coffee lovers! ;)

These are some of the flavours in the menu. I believe they have about 31 flavours of gelato/yogurt.

The men behind NBrew. I'm not that short, they're just tooooo tall. Hihi :P

My darling blogger friends. :)

Bottom : Rawlins, Madi , Mai Sarah

I would like to say thank you to Nuffnang for the invitation and also to NBrew team for having us. I had fun learning about gelato making and I am impressed that this is a Malaysian product, hence the funky flavours. ^_^ All the 5 gelato that I tried were so good. The texture is perfect and the taste is spot on to my liking. What I love the most is that they are using natural ingredients where all their mixtures will only be kept around 4-5 days only. Those mixtures will be discarded after 5 days. Thanks again NBrew! Oh yes I'll be back! :) 

p/s : NBrew will be available in Sunway Pyramid soon, so keep a look out! ;)

Oh one more thing, NBrew is having a contest at the moment where you can upload a memorable photo and write a short story starting with 'NBrew frezees the moment.......' with not more than 30 words and your friends need to vote for the photo! You could win iPhone 5, Samsung S4 or RM20 Gelato vouchers! Click HERE for the contest details. ^_^

For more info on NBrew, visit Facebook Page NBrew

Till then,

Sabby Prue



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