[Beauty Review] : Nature Republic - Botanical Eco Crayon Lip Rouge

Assalamualaikum and hello lovelies! :)

If you read my January 2014 Favourites, then you should know that I have been loving this lip product that I got from Nature Republic in January. Since I got it in my hands, I have been using it non-stop!  I am more towards nude and subtle lip colours but oh my this particular product really makes me wanna get more bold and bright lipsticks. I have only a few, maybe about 5-7 bright coloured lips products which I don't really use. I only use bold lipsticks whenever I'm attending dinner or formal functions. Maybe this is a sign I should venture into bold colour lips this year. :P Haha okay honestly this just gives me reasons to expand my makeup collection. :D Okay lovelies, lets hop on to the review before I start rambling once again.....


One look of the product you know this is the 'crayon' type of lipstick. It is popular nowadays because you can see there's a lot of lip crayon products out in the market. I have one from Revlon but I don't really use it because it is too shimmery for me or is it because the shade is in orange colour so it looks a bit weird on my lips. :D I have a full review on the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable so click the link if you want to read. But just a heads up the review is on the pink shade, mine is Rendezvous.

Before I start reviewing this lip crayon, I just want to apologized because it is so hard to find information on the Botanical Eco Crayon Lip Rouge! Even the official website does not have any information on it. Is it discontinued already? Sighhhhh. I already thrown out the packaging box but I don't think I can read anyway because most probably all the wordings are in Korean. Seriously, I can't really tell you guys what are the ingredients but since it is botanical, I assumed the product main ingredients are flower extracts. From here onwards, it will be my solid opinion on this product.

The shade of this lip crayon is a bright fuchsia pink. Normally I would never go for this shade but I don't know what happened to me that day. The first time I swatched it, I immediately put it in my basket. The shade is pigmented and buildable. I always layer it up about 5 to 7 layers to get the shade I wanted. It is moisturizing and feels good on the lips. It has a slight glossy finish which is great because I don't want it to be too glossy. If you look closely at the swatch above, you could see there is a slight shimmery particles but don't worry because it's not noticeable on your lips. I believe the shimmery particles provide that slight glossy shine on the lips. Botanical Eco Crayon Lip Rouge has this floral scent. It kinda smells like the jasmine flower but I guess it's still okay because I can tolerate the scent. 

As for the packaging, love it that it's retractable and you don't have to bother about sharpening it. The size of the actual lipstick is the same as any other lipstick. As for the staying power, this lip crayon does transfer on your cups, on the straw, etc. But, I love the stain effect on my lips because it looks matte which is a good look for me. Another thing that turn me off is that this lip crayon bleeds after drinking or eating, so you just gotta be aware and check your lips on the mirror. This is the only reason why I don't like it. But overall I think it's a good product. It is moisturizing, great pigmentation, nice packaging and affordable. Repurchase? Yes, since they have 4 more shades! ^_^



Republic of Korea

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Official Website : Nature Republic Korea
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What do you think? I think it's a great way to start off my bright and bold lips journey. Haha Okay I sound so dramatic. :P But seriously, I think it's a great shade especially if I'm not in the mood to put on any eye make up because this lip crayon totally brightens up my look! ;)  Do you have any bright and bold lipsticks shades? Recommend them to me! ^_^

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  1. Sabby, do you have any recommendation for people who have pigmented lips? Like how to cover them up especially on the lips line, or any product that could lighten my lips? And I always stick on coloured lip balm because my skin got chapped and kering easily whenever I use lipstick/lip gloss.

    1. Hi dear, i would recommend for you to dab on some concealer/foundation on your lips before applying your lipsticks, then use lipliner that is close to your lip colour. Then you can proceed with your lipstick. as for dry and chapped lips, you need to exfoliate them frequently and apply lip balm. and dont forget to drinks lotsa water. :)

  2. I absolutely loveeee bold lips colours and known for the fact among my friends. haha. I don't know, if I'm going out, I'd rather slap on bold lip colour especially if I'm on the rush. A few swipes of Bad To The Bronze, bold lipstick and I'm done.

    Unlike for classes, I often opt for more subtle colours and something that make me look fresh and lively - The My Lips But Better. This is probably something I'd go for that occasion. Easy to use cuz I hate sharpening the pencils. :p Hopefully they'll have colours for everyday too.

    1. the other 4 shades are quite bright and bold. hehe so i guess this is right up to your alley. hehe i'm more of a nude lipstick kinda gal. can't get enough of them! :P

  3. Waaahh, The color is so gorgeous.. Temptation... Temptation. Tahan tahan.. haha

    1. mmg gorgeous sgt! first swatch je dah fall in love... :P

  4. My current favorite bright lipstick is L'Oreal Touch of Amaranth! Trying to get into bright lipstick now! pengaruh dari kamu jugak... aiyaakk! haha

    1. hehehe yeah i saw ur instagram pic using that colour. hihi lipstick best! jom kumpul byk2! :P

  5. The color and texture looks amazing!!

    1. Yeah it is! I'm thinking of getting other shades as well. hehe

  6. Wow...the colour is really pigmented :D



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