[Makeup Tutorial] : Urban Decay Naked 3 - Romantic Pink Eyes

Assalamulaikum and hello lovelies! 

This is my final part of my Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette! :) I know I have already uploaded 2 make up tutorials using this palette, but what I can say? I love it and I think it's very versatile. This is actually my favourite palette since I got it in December, I don't know why I did not include this in my January favourites. -_- But you know I love it right, so kautim la. :P Anyway, if you want to read the full review on the palette, as well as the other 2 make up tutorials, click the links below pretty please? ;) 

For today's tutorial, I am going to show you how to achieve a romantic and girly eye make up. The techniques is pretty much the same as in my light smoky eyes tutorials but I changed it up a bit. This time I chose a selection of pink shades combine with dark colours to create a pink smoky look. Well it's not that smoky but dark colours will definitely gives more depth into the look. Without wasting anymore time, lets get started! ;)

The 6 shades I'm using is Buzz, Limit, Mugshot, Blackheart, Dust and Strange.

As usual, starts off with an eye shadow base. I am currently using the eye shadow base from Art Deco. Apply the eye shadow primer all over your eye lids.

*Tips : DUST is a chalky and powdery shade so you will experience fallouts. It is best if you do your eye make up first, then continue with your foundation and concealer.

Apply BUZZ all over eyelids without exceeding your eye crease.

As for the transition shade, use LIMIT and apply it in your eye crease. Starting from outer corner, apply it all the way until your inner corner. Blend back and forth. 

Starting from your outer corner, apply MUGSHOT and blend it until 3/4 part of your eyes. If it's a bit messy, it's okay, we will blend it later.

Get BLACKHEART and apply it from the outer corner and bring it towards you 3/4 part of your eyes. Apply it only at the corner as if you are creating a 45 degrees line AND bring it on top of your eye crease. Do not apply it on your eyelids, we just want the shade to be at the outer part.

Get a blending brush and blend BLACKHEART all the way to your inner corner. This is the time to take your time to blend out the shade to avoid any harsh line.

If this is not dark enough for you, you can always go back and add more colour.

Next, apply DUST at the centre of your eyelids. Just pat it on, do not blend.

Use a smudger brush and apply BLACKHEART 1/2 part of your lower lash line starting from the outer corner.

Apply BUZZ on your lower lash line starting from your inner corner towards half of part of your eyes, connecting to the BLACKHEART shade. Use STRANGE under your brow bone for highlight.

Use a liquid eye liner to create a wing-eyed look. I dragged the line quite further away than the usual just to create a more dramatic look. I am using Koji Dolly Wink liquid eye liner.

I put on false lashes to make a bit more 'out there'. I am using Koji false lashes which is so lightweight and so natural looking. Love it! I don't know the exact name of the lashes because I've already thrown away the case. Sorry! Don't forget to apply mascara on your lower lashes.

The final look

As usual, I am giving you several options for the lips that goes with the eye make up. In this photo I am using REVLON Super Lustrous Lipstick in Pink Cloud (801) and REVLON Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Pinkissimo (210). The combination creates a soft pink lips.

As for this photo, I am using MAC Cremesheen Lipstick in Shy Girl (A62) and STAGE Lipgloss in Sophia (12). The combination creates a peachy nude shade on my lips. I decided to go with soft neural lips because I want my eyes to be the centre of attention. Too much of bright and dark shades on a face might be a disaster.  Well that's me. If you love bold lips, go ahead and use whatever shades you want. :)

So what do you think? I really think it's a great look if you want to go out for a special date, attend a wedding, dinner or any special occasions. Let me know what you think in the comment box below. Hope you lovelies like this tutorial.

Till then,

Sabby Prue

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  1. I love both lip colors.u lookin great doll with tis kind of romantic makeup ;)

    1. thanks babe, but i really need to try out more bright colours for my lips. Your collection of bright lipstick is awesome! :)

  2. woi apasal lawa sangat ni mata tu bila pakai eye shadow!! aww awww awww!

    1. hehe terima kasih adik. Eh awak pun ade kan naked 3 ni, try la buat tutorial! :)

  3. Cantiknya wing eye look sis buat! Nampak comel sis makeup begini. <3

  4. Wahhhh that winged eyeliner is to die for!!! Love it Sabby!!

    1. Thank you babe! i always messed up my winged eyeliner.luckily this one looks good. huhu

  5. Loving this eye look and agree, your winged liner is to die for! So perfect. Might try this look on Vday :p

    1. thank you so much dear! :) hihi cuba2, it's easy to do. :)

  6. Wow so pretty ! I wish I own one naked 3 too. But there's no sephora in Sarawak.

    1. thanks dear. :) no worries, you can check it out if you come down to kl. :)



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