[Event] : Maybelline New York Lip Polish by Color Sensational Launch

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone!

Last Monday I was invited to an exciting event, to discover a new way for a seductive lips. It's the Maybelline New York Lip Polish by Color Sensational launch! Woohooooo! I love me some luscious lips. ^_^  I heard about Maybelline New York Lip Polish by Color Sensational for a few months now because the products is already available in drugstores. However, whenever I went to Watson or Guardian, they don't have the shades I wanted so I just skipped buying it. Of course, thanks to the Butterfly Project Malaysia for extending the invite to the launch, I appreciate it very much. :) The launch is held at Naked Restaurant & Bar which is located in Plaza Damas. If you know where Ajidon is, the restaurant is in the same row but at the other end. The event theme was sexy and seductive hence most of them were wearing black and red. Me on the other hand, came in with the shades of green, black and yellow. haha nothing sexy about that. :D 

The new Maybelline New York Lip Polish by Color Sensational is a 3 in 1 Potion, wait, what is that mean? It is a 3 in 1 lip product that combines 3 essential lip enhancers that make our lips more luscious and sexy! It is a lipbalm, lipstick and a lipgloss in one! Yeah, you heard me right, no more carrying 3 lip product in a bag, well for me at least. I always apply my lip balm first, followed by my lipstick then a lip gloss. You see how much it takes to get my sexy lips? :P With Maybelline New York Lip Polish by Color Sensational, I only need one product to do the job! The sensual, smooth and lightweight formula of the Lip Polish keeps our lips moisturized. The pigmentation of the Lip Polish really stands out and provide great colour pay off. Whereas the glossy shine creates a fuller and a seductive lips! 

Maybelline New York Lip Polish by Color Sensational has a a unique leaf shape applicator which makes it easy for application. The Lip Polish comes in 10 spectacular shades which are Pop 5, Pop 6, Glam 9, Glam 7, Glam 6, Glam 5, Glam 4, Glam 3, Glam 2 and Glam 1. The retail price for Maybelline New York Lip Polish by Color Sensational is RM32.90  and it is available nationwide. All the shades are wonderful  and I am lucky enough to get three of them. So yes, a review of these Lip Polish will be in my Sexy Sunday Series!  Stay tuned for that. ^_^

The event started of with a presentation by Maybelline Lips expert. With Maybelline New York Lip Polish by Color Sensational you can create any looks with it. You can be the Natural Charmer, Trendy Fashionista and Fiery Vixen!

There was a session where they asked 'How do you hypnotise your man?". There were a lot of answers and some of it are self-confidence, perfume, lingerie and of course a sexy pout! If they asked me how to hypnotise my man, I would say, "I will cook for him and make his tummy happy!" Hahaha :D

I managed to play around with some of the shades on my table.

How gorgeous are they....

3 make over stations were available that day so of course I want them to play with my face. haha

I settled for a smoky eye and the makeup artist  used Glam 2 on my lips. I really love how the eye make up turned out but it is definitely for night make up. It's just way too much for a day make up. I love the Maybelline New York Lip Polish by Color Sensational Glam 2, it is so pretty! Definitely a sweet, and girlish shade. :)

With the lovely Arpita

Yeah, must include my photo too. :D

Okay darlings, go to your nearest drugstores and get these // They are awesome! :) My full review on Maybelline New York Lip Polish by Color Sensational will be uploaded in my next Sexy Sunday Series, watch out for this space! ^_^

For more Information on Maybelline, kindly visit these links :
Official Website : http://www.maybelline.com/
Maybelline Malaysia Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/maybellinenysimplyfab

Till then,

Sabby Prue

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  1. Pop 6! Fiery Vixen look is my favourite ^_^

    1. pop 6 is hot! hihi wow mieza ni suka warna yg garang2. :D

  2. I have the one in Glam 2! Hoping to get Pop 6 soon :D

  3. Smokey eyes sesuai dengan sis.. cantik sangat! :)

    Smokey eyes for day look pun cantik. <3

    1. thanks june.. smokey eyes during the day kalau subtle and soft smokey okla, but kalau mcm ni lagi sesuai utk malam, for me la. :)



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