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Assalamualaikum and hello lovelies!

Have you guys ever buy things and thinking that you had a good deal but when you come home, you find out there is a better deal on the item you just bought. How frustrating is that! I have been in that situation for so many times. When you are planning to buy something, you most definitely want to know whether you are getting a good deal, am I right? So here's a solution and it is called CREAM.

What is CREAM? CREAM is a mobile application for smartphones that uses geo-technology and crowdsourcing to help consumers in deciding whether to purchase an item through uploading photos to the app and share with all of their followers. Through the photos, consumers can include the price of the item and location of the store. Other users will then evaluate the photos or even give suggestions if there is a better offer out there. To me, this is such a great platform to share things online and get instant feedback! CREAM is sort of like 'WAZE for real time pricing data'.  The creators of CREAM, BuzzElement created this app because they want to help consumers to make sure that they are getting the best deals. The new features in the beta version includes a currency converter, follow functionality and enhanced design for easy navigation to share purchases. 

As you all know, I'm running an online bakery business so I really feel it's good platform for me to promote my products. When uploading the photo, there is a column for price and I can just type it in. The price will be displayed on the photo itself. That is such a relief because I usually write the price in the caption and people still ask me "HOW MUCH?". People just don't read captions, do they? -_- So yes, I really like the feature because it helps me a lot! Any foodies out there? Yes, this is definitely the app for you! Upload your food, type it the price, share the location with your followers. Then you don't have answer their questions like, "Is it expensive?", "Where is this place?" :D As I explore the app, it is kind of therapeutic for me because I feel like as if I am doing my window shopping but via online. It is actually nice getting to know great deals that is happening around me and I don't even have to step out of my home. ^_^  

Want to know how to use CREAM

Currently CREAM is only available for android users, but don't worry iphone users, the app will be available to you. :)

Go to Google Play and download the app or click

Do the usual signing up, as for me, I signed up using my Facebook account.

Snap a photo of the item you want to purchase.

Enter the price and ask away.....

And you are done!

Let me show you a few examples of the feedback I received from my photos.

Can you see the 'thumbs up' and 'thumbs down' icons? Those icons determined whether it is a good deal or not!

To get a better understanding of CREAM apps, lets watch this video!

There are so many other social apps that you might have such as Instagram, Flickr, Frontback, Snapchat and now CREAM. I only have Instagram and CREAM in my phone now and everyone knows I use Instagram every single day. Instagram is a platform where you socialize and share your daily life. I do promote my business and my blog in there too. But the difference about CREAM is that, it is more straight-forward and more specific. This is an app where you upload a photo, get a real time feedback from the crowd and decide whether you are getting good deals or not. As simple as that. I like the simplicity of it and it is so much fun! I can't really explain to you how much fun it is, like I told you earlier, scrolling the photos is a window shopping therapy for me. :D

Don't forget to follow me on CREAM if you have downloaded the app in your androids! :) See you in CREAM! ^_^

For more info on CREAM, visit

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