[Beauty Review] : Harum Malam

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone!

In this blog post, I am reviewing a drink supplement for women called Harum Malam. I've heard about this product for quite sometime already but haven't really got the chance to try it out. Mainly because I don't feel the need to drink or eat any supplements. And I am a bit lazy when it comes to 'being discipline' in eating supplements. Put that aside, I was given the opportunity to try out this product, of course I am glad to try it out because I can share with all my readers if the product works. 

But today I'm going to review this product through a video, yeah a little bit different than the usual! And yes, a talking video. :P But I am talking in Bahasa and a mix of English, ya la I'm a bit rojak. :P Whatever it is, don't mind the awkwardness in the video. I don't really know how to edit and I'm only using Movie Maker. Nevertheless I had fun shooting the video and I know I will keep on doing it. :) So lovelies, if you are curious about Harum Malam, and curious to know how I feel about it, why don't you click the video below for my review and testimonial? ;)

Watch my video in YouTube : http://youtu.be/4Dom2-2f4dU

Watch my video in YouTube : http://youtu.be/4Dom2-2f4dU

So what do you think? The product is tried and tested for a week and I am currently using it because of the wonderful results I am getting. For women who are already married (and not pregnant), there is other benefits that can help you too, well I'm not in the position to give my opinion since I am not married yet. :D You can click this link (http://harummalam.com/product/) for more information on the benefits of Harum Malam for married women.


Malaysia (HALAL)

RM33 (Semenanjung Malaysia)
RM39 (Sabah and Sarawak)


Via online (refer to the links below) and 'jamu' booth/kiosk

For more information on Harum Malam, kindly visit these websites :

Official Website : 

Instagram :
 Search for @harummalam_official

Contact Number :
(Whatsapp, Wechat, SMS, Call)

Till then,

Sabby Prue

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  1. good job sabby!nice video...kalo sye konpem malu x igt punya...hehehe

    1. hahaha mmg segan sgt. brp byk edit, byk sgt melalut. :P

    2. hihi thanks btw for the compliment. susah gak nk edit video, memerlukan kesabaran. hahah

  2. kemain lagi tuuhh video kauww...harum sgt lah mlm die pasni xmo share ngan i!!! *majok* hahhahaa



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