[Beauty Review] : Bene Premium Bluria & Bene Premium Rougeria

Assalamualaikum and hello love! Do you remember my post on the launch of Bene Premium Range, Bluria and Rougeria? If you haven't read that, go ahead and click HERE! I told you I was going to review these two range of hair products and let you girls know how I feel about them. You must be wondering why am I talking so much about hair lately? Well it's because hair is one of the attributes that makes a woman special and unique. And the most important reason is because I want to create awareness to girls in hijab (just like me) to take extra care of our hair simply because our hair are prone to problems such as dandruff, sensitive scalp, itchiness and so on because we cover our hair  about 8 -12 hours daily because of work and our daily routine. Seriously I never really pay so much attention to my hair, but after getting married, I need to give more love to my hair so my husband won't complaint about my greasy hair! *hahaha TMI I guess. :P * But before reading my review, lets take a look at the ingredients included in these hair products! For your information, Bene Premium range shampoo and treatment is non-silicone  (Double non-silicone) and rich in enzymes! Silicone is a chemical substance which is soluble in water and cannot be washed away which can lead to blocked pores (scalp), itchy scalp, oily hair and poor hair volume.

The first range I'm going to talk about is the Bene Premium Bluria range. Bluria range is targeted to to those who wants to restore their damaged hair to healthy state through scalp treatment that can eliminate impurities and restore nutrients with the help of the main ingredients which are the green enzymes. So what is enzymes? Enzymes helps to protect our scalp against oxidative damage through exfoliation and anti-inflammation effect. 

Green Enzymes include green vegetable such as green papaya, kiwi and avocado that is rich in vitamins, mineral and green enzymes. The green enzymes will help to restore scalp health and keep it healthy through it's cleansing power. Green clay, Rhassoul (lava clay) and Dead Sea mud acts as removing grease  and impurities from the scalp, leaving it healthy and toned. Dead Sea Salt is also one of the ingredient in the Bluria range as it nourishes the scalp and makes hair stronger and supple.

Two words to describe the scent of Bluria range is "fruity floral". It is definitely my favourite scent among these 2 range as it just makes my hair smell so nice and make me feel so good!

Bene Premium Bluria Delicious SPA Shampoo (RM43.90 / 530ml)
The shampoo is non-coloured and I only need 2 pumps for my long hair. It lathers up very well and it gives me the satisfaction when I'm massaging my head. It smells very nice, yes I love a good scented shampoo. After massaging my head, I wash it off with water and immediately I feel that my hair is so clean and so light. I usually wash my hair 3 or 4 times a week.

Bene Premium Bluria Delicious SPA Treatment (RM43.90 / 530ml)
Bluria Spa Treatment act as conditioner after washing my hair. I used 2 pumps and divided my hair into 2 sections (each pump for each section). The treatment is in white and it has a similar scent to the shampoo. Remember to massage this treatment only at the ends of your hair, and not from the scalp. I massage the treatment into my hair for about a minute and rinse it of with water. Immediately my hair has become so so soft and supple. I would use this treatment 3 or 4 times a week together with the shampoo.

Bene Premium Bluria Delicious SPA Hair Mask (RM43.90 / 210g)
Bluria Delicious Spa Hair Mask is a concentrated cream-based hair mask that helps to remove damage from within and provides intensive hydration and add shine to my hair. I would apply the hair mask once or 2 times a week right after my shampoo and treatment routine to make my hair healthier. Wait for about 3 - 5 minutes and rinse it off with warm water. My hair is super duper soft and it really feels like I just got back from a hair salon! Start massaging from the middle of your hair towards the end of the hair and not from your hair roots.

Bene Premium Bluria Delicious SPA Night Care Milk (RM43.90 / 115 ml)
The last product from the Bluria range is the Night Care Milk. It helps to nourishes  and repair hair while we are sleeping as it gives extra hydration and adds shine to our hair. Use it on damp or dry hair, totally up to you and no rinsing is needed. It is suggested to use it every night but being me sometimes I forget to use it. But safe to say I used it 3 times a week when I first tried out the products.

I really feel Bene Premium Bluria range is suitable for those who are suffering from scalp problem such as itchiness, dandruff and greasiness. I personally have those problems and I can tell within one week of usage I can feel that my hair is less oily. I can't really tell the difference about the dandruff but I do noticed that my scalp becomes less itchy and I can feel that my scalp is clean.


The second range is Bene Premium Rougeria range which is focused on rejuvenating damaged hair. Besides it's non-silicone properties, Bene Premium Rougeria range includes red enzymes that can be found in red vegetables which are red apple, tomato and carrot. The red enzymes are packed with powerful and healthy antioxidant, rich in vitamins and carotene that help to protect hair against environmental stress factors and daily wear and tear. 

Rougeria range is also infused with Bulgarian Damask Rose honey and manuka honey that has moisturising properties that leaves hair smooth and supple.

3 types of organics oil such as organ oil, apricots, jojoba and keratin infusions are present in the Rougeria range to moisturised hair and keep our hair frizzy-free. 

Bene Premium Rougeria Rose is definitely on the florally sweet scent. If you love floral-scented shampoo, this is definitely the scent for you. 

Bene Premium Rougeria Delicious Repair Shampoo (RM43.90/530ml)
I used 2 pumps of this shampoo due to my long hair. It foams up easily and again it really does gives me the satisfaction of washing my hair. After massaging the shampoo into my hair, I rinsed it off with warm water. I can feel that my hair is softer even though without using the treatment. I wash my hair 3 or 4 times a week.

Bene Premium Rougeria Delicious Repair Treatment (RM43.90/530ml)
The treatment is used after I wash my hair. As usual I will massage the treatment on the ends of my hair and leave it on about one minute. I rinse it off with warm water and I really feel that my hair is even more softer! I bet it's because of the organic repair oil that is making my hair fell so soft!

Bene Premium Rougeria Delicious Repair Hair Mask (RM43.90/210 g)
Hair mask routine is a must if you want to maintain the health and softness of your hair. I personally enjoy doing it at least once a week. Hair mask is important as it will penetrates all the nutrients goodness into our hair and keeps them strong, healthy and shiny. I massage this hair mask onto my hair right after my shampoo and treatment routine. It leaves my hair so soft, manageable and less frizzy!

Bene Premium Rougeria Delicious Repair Hair Oil (RM43.90/530ml)
Roguery Delicious Repair Hair Oil is developed to provide deep conditioning from root to tip to create smooth and soft hair. It is recommended to use daily especially before using any heat on your hair. I like to use this whenever I feel my hair is dry and a little bit tangled up. It does gives instant smoothness and softness to my hair. It does not leave any greasiness residue on my hair which I appreciate very much.

I would suggest Bene Premium Rougeria range if you constantly styling your hair or colouring your hair. I mean those styling and colouring products are full of chemicals and they are good for your hair so having something that can repair your damaged hair is definitely important. And of course if you suffer from tangled up hair, frizziness and dryness you can give this range a shot if smooth, soft and supple hair is what you are looking for.

As an overall review for both of the range, I would prefer using the Bluria range 3 times a week and use the Rougeria for one time in week because I am more concern of my scalp itchiness and dandruff.   And I don't usually use heat on my hair and I never colour my hair so I'm not really worried about the  'chemically-damaged' hair. Remember that everyone is different and everyone has different need. You can always mixed up the product depending on the condition of your hair. I would say give this product a go if you are looking for products that does not contain silicone. ^_^ Get them at Watsons nationwide! :)

Oh how can I forget the adorable packaging?  It looks like a diamond from far it look luxurious! I'm not gonna lie the packaging is super nice! :D

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