TRAVEL | Bali Day 3 & 4 : Sukawati Market, Tegallalang Rice Terraces and Tanah Lot Temple

Assalamualaikum and hello everybody! This is the final installation of my Bali posts and incase you have missed my previous posts, kindly read these 2 posts first. :)

Okay so I know the last post is about 26 days ago and to be honest I actually forgotten some of the info of the places I went to. *hahaha* but never mind, as I mentioned in my 2 posts, travel posts are more about the photos. I will try to write any links related to the places. So lets check out what we did on our 3rd day in Bali! :D

We left our villa roughly at 12 and headed to Sukawati Market specifically to buy souvenirs for our families and friends. Like this is the only shopping we did in Bali, seriously. Before stopping by Sukawati, we stopped at this Silver Jewellery factory and boutique to take a look at the accessories. But I wasn't interested in any of the designs and  know I won't be wearing them because I don't really like to accessorize.

Anyway we just stopped by for about roughly 20 minutes to look around and we get back into our car and continue our journey to Sukawati Market. By the way, I don't remember the name of the silver jewellery shop, sorry!

Sukawati Market is located at Gianyar Regency and is well known for it's art. During our journey from our villa to Sukawati, I noticed there are a lot of teak wood furniture, crafts, woodcarvings, art shops and homeware stuff stores along the road so kinda get the idea that this is the place to find such things. Again, I hardly took any photos because we only have one hour to shop for souvenirs. I think we spent about IDR2,500,000 in one hour. *huhuhu* #powershopping. :P If you want to know more about Sukawati Market, please click HERE. :)

Then we went to Tegallalang Rice Terraces which is located in Ubud. The view is so beautiful! At first we went down because thinking we would like to explore the whole area of the rice terraces, but I kid you not, I don't think I can do it! *hahahah* so we went up again and just take some photos. Read THIS article to find out more about Tegallalang Rice Terraces. ^_^

This is me saying NO to climbing up and going down of the rice terraces. :P
One with the JB. :)
There were a lot of souvenirs, clothing and home stuff shops so take a look around if you are interested. Bargain expertise is necessary if you want to get a good price but I AM NOT a good one. I left everything to my JB. :P

I just can't digest this! *hahahaha* :P

The last pit stop of the day is Tanah Lot Temple which is a must visit place for all tourist. I am not so sure about the history and such as this is a sacred place for Hindus so read this link for more information okay? :D Oh there's an entrance fee needed to be paid before entering, and car park fee as well. I think it's roughly around IDR60,000 if I'm not mistaken. I apologize if it's not correct! T_T

Pure Tanah Lot
I don't know what kind of pose this is. -_-
Another one with my JB. :D
This girl came up to me and said she wanted a selfie with me. *awkward* but BOLEH LA! :P

The sunset was amazing, it was beautiful.This is definitely an experience, seeing all these temples and enjoying the beautiful nature.

So we went back to our villa, had our nasi campur because we were damn exhausted and hungrehhhhh!!
Last night at this beautiful villa, I am going to miss you so much......

I booked an Aromatherapy massage before checking out of the villa the next day. The staff came over to our room and set up the massage table. The masseur came over and did a fantastic job!! I fell asleep during the whole process because it was so relaxing and so so good and the best part it was only IDR180,000! :) I would say roughly around RM40-RM50? Anyway do try out the massage service if you have the time!

We made a quick pitstop at Echo Beach to watch the surfers. Man it was so windy and the waves are pretty scary looking to me! :P

Okay guys, I'm wrapping up my Bali Travel posts. I hope my photos captured all the wonderful things I saw in Bali. This won't be the last time, I will definitely come back and explore other places. So where am I going next? ^_^

Till then,



  1. Cantiknya kawasan kat sini? Murah tak? Nanti nak pergi rasa...

    1. Area mane eh? Villa ke? Kalau nak tau detail can check out the first part of my Bali Trip. :)

  2. Hahaha.... Boleh pulak stranger approach mintak selfie. BTW Kak Sabby sangat cantik!!!!

    1. haha tau xpe. terkedu akak ko nih. abg iwan dah sengih2 kat tepi. hahaha lawak. :D hehe alolo thanks sayang, awok pun cantik!



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