Heart To Heart : What a surprise

Assalamualaikum and hello.

Well, I didn't know 3 of my blogger friends blogged about my wedding. *hahaha* terharu kot! NO I did not ask anyone to blogged about our wedding. :P This is the least I can do, go and check out their blog okay? Thanks again girls! Reading all the posts make me wanna REDO everything again! *hahaha* okay maybe not the preparation part, only the 3 days of events. Getting dolled up, beautiful dresses..ahhhhhhh. :P Thanks again girls. lotsa love!! :)

Dina from BagBeautyBaby. If you want to know about luxury bags, go to her blog because I personally asked her about my dream bag. LOL. This lovely lady is so much fun! I got to know more about her during our trip to Krabi (DOVE contest). It was indeed a great holiday! We should hangout babe, coffee session soon?  Your stuff is still with me. xoxo :)

Asyik from Asyikmaiburogu just got married to her beau! congrats dear and thousands of apologies because I was not able to make it. But hey you looked beautiful! She blogs about beauty and lifestyle and food too. But sadly she is moving to Kelantan with her husband and she won't be in KL anymore. :( Wish you all the best in life babe! xoxo :)

And finally go and stalk Syafiqah from SyafiqahHashimXoxo because she loves beauty and fashion like me! *hahaha* She is just full of energy and so much fun. Banyak cakap jugak budak ni! *hahaha* She loves doing OOTD on her blog and also beauty reviews, go check her out ok? 

Thanks again ladies for the blog posts, terharu sebenarnye. *hahaha* Lotsa hugs and kisses! :)

Till then,



  1. awww thanks for the link up babe!! yes please let's have lunch. buzz me when you're in klcc next!!

  2. Pengantin baru busy sangat sampai tak realize Iouls punya blogpost! Hahaha. By the way, Tahniah Kak Sabby! Have a great day ahead! be happy as always ;)

  3. Thank you dear.. InshaAllah nanti jumpa lagi okay.. 😀



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