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Assalamualaikum and hello love. Long time no see. Arghhh I apologized for the MIA, I had been so occupied with life matters and not to mentioned I had not been feeling well lately. Well I'm not terribly sick but my body doesn't feel right. I guess the hot weather must be the reason to this. I'm thirsty all the time, my migraine keeps coming, oh my gosh. What a week! T_T Anyway I'm not gonna bore you girls with my sad stories *hahaha* I would rather share with all of you about the latest skincare from COSME DECORTE named Cellgenie. 

Managing Director of KOSE Malaysia, Mr. Masaaki Hara , "Cellgenie is the perfect starting point for new Cosme Decorte users who want a luxurious skincare experience as well as superior benefits. With Cellgenie, you can prolong a youthful complexion and at the same time, address skin raging, even before it shows on your skin."

COSME DECORTE is founded in 1970 by Japanese cosmetic and skincare leader, KOSE. I'm pretty sure all the beauty junkies out there heard about KOSE before. COSME DECORTE is a premium cosmetics range that incorporates latest dermatological advancements and technologies. So what is Cellgenie? What is so special about this range? Cellgenic is an early anti-aging skin care range that is targeted to women in their mid 20s and above. It is known that our face and skin feature will start to drop from its original position due to the lack of collagen production and this is where oxidation of the skin happens. Active oxygen attacks our skin and body cells (lipid, protein and DNA) that caused the damage of the cellular membrane that leads to dark spots, wrinkles, sagging and dullness. A new powerful ingredient included in Cellgenie skincare range is Andrographics Paniculata Extract that enhances the self-defence capability of fibroblast cells so they become less prone to damage. Alright I don't want to bore you girls with these scientific explanation but from my understanding, Cellgenie helps our skin to slow down the aging process and at the same time it keeps our skin younger, firmer and supple for a longer period of time. 

Beauty Trainer, Ms. Carmen Wong

Hands-on demonstration

Okay so there are 7 products of the Cellgenie skincare range, lets take a look at each one of them! I tested all of the products on my hand and they are totally fast absorbing. And they smell good too! :)

1) Cellgenie Cleansing Cream (RM162 for 125g)
- Removes makeup and oxidized sebum that cause ageing. 
- It contains emollient ingredient used in serum that leaves skin smooth, as well as amino acid based active agent.
- Gives a refreshing sensation with its relaxingly gentle yet rich texture.

2) Cellgenie Facial Wash (RM144 for 125g)
-  Formulated with mild amino acid cleansing ingredients that surprise moisture loss.
- Rich lather foaming cleanser containing hydrogenated lecithin polishes and refines skin meticulously, leaving noticeable moisturised feeling.
- Helps restore skin's softness, making it supple and resilient. 

3) Cellgenie Emulsion (RM252 for 200ml)
- This emulsion delivered all effective ingredients into skin's deeper layer, enhance skin elasticity, make skin plump and bouncy with incredible moist.
- Contains 3 types of Oleic Acid derivatives that help relax mature skin prone to dehydration and hardening. These ingredients enhance skin's flexibility, restoring it to supple condition.

4) Cellgenie Lotion (RM252 for 200ml)
- A lotion infused with 2 advanced capsules ; lipid multi vector capsules (enhance penetration power) and cell delivery capsules containing Andrographic Paniculata Extract (deliver active ingredients and maximises the effect)
_ Contains theanine and Poria cocos extract.

5) Cellgenie Cream LF (RM288 for 30g)
- Delivers instant firmness to slack skin. Lift cream that plumps up the skin with collagen.
- Instantly lift sagging skin, creating sharp and lifted impression.

6) Cellgenie Cream VT (RM288 for 30g)
- Restore  elasticity and fill up the skin with plumpness and suppleness.

7) Cellgenie Lipid Oil Mask (RM288 for 130g)
- This 5 - 10 minutes mask rejuvenates skin and restores firmness
- Contains rosa canina (rose hip) oil and other botanical ingredients that soften the skin.

Other than the Cellgenie skincare range, COSME DECORTE has also 3 other products that can be used together with the range.

Moisture Liposome, the best seller product of Cosme Decorte since 1992.

Sun Shelter AG SPF50+ PA++++
AQMV Bright Eye Serum

Cellgenie by COSME DECORTE is exclusively available in ISETAN KLCC and ISETAN The Gardens. For more information, please visit http://kose.com.my.

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