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Assalamulaikum and hello. A special post as I rarely talk about hair. Special? Yes because hair is such an important aspect in our lives, especially women. Do you believe when I say that I feel confident and motivated when I have good hair days?  Yes I know I wear hijab and nobody can really see my hair, but hey, I'm still a woman ain't I? Even though I wear hijab, it means I  need to take extra care of my hair. I have all sorts of hair problems, itchy and sensitive scalp, dandruff, dry and frizzy hair. Now that's a lot of problems! :D Anyway, I want to share my experience at Number76 in Starhill Gallery. I was contacted by their PR and I am more than happy to try out their service as I am looking for a salon place that can cater to my needs. The salon is located at the Pamper Floor in Starhill Gallery. The interior and ambiance of the place exudes elegance and privacy. They have other branches in Mid Valley and Bangsar, so take your pick! ^_^

Cozy waiting area. :)

This is a private room for those who wants privacy. As a Muslim, I would definitely want to be served in a closed-door room as to protect my 'aurah'. I'm really glad that Number76 has allocated a special room to cater to my priority. You can definitely request a woman hairstylist because after all, that's also important for muslim girls, right? :) Xuan, one of the senior hairstylist and another girl were doing the treatment for me that day, so I was a happy camper for receiving a wonderful service.

This is the hair wash area. The furthest right station was the one I used that day. There's a curtain that closed up that area for muslim girls. At first I thought I would be exposed *lol* but luckily they got it all covered. :D

I was there for the Ultrasonic Premium treatment as the treatment will make my hair smoother, softer and stronger. Upon checking my scalp and hair condition, Xuan recommended me to do the Sparkling Scalp Hairwash first as I have sensitive scalp. Yes I do suffer for itchiness and also redness whenever I touch my scalp. I had that since forever and seriously I don't know how the solve the problem. T_T

After undergo the Sparkling Scalp Hairwash, this (above photo) is the residue from the wash. FYI, I just got back from my honeymoon in Bali and I had been swimming everyday when I was there. So my hair was pretty messed up due to the chlorine in the pool. Chlorine plus my sensitive resulted this. I think it's definitely my dandruff and dry scalp flakes (I don't know what's the term) but it looked pretty gross! Ewwwww... After that, Xuan applied hair serum(or essence, but it's some kind of hair product) on my hair and distribute it evenly. And the she turned on this tool, it looks like a flat iron to straighten the hair.

I seriously think that this flat iron is hot, but until Xuan told me to touch it! *hahaha* The iron plate is cold!I don't know exactly how does it work, but from my understanding, it will release some kinda cold air that results in smoother, softer and stronger hair! The iron vibrates at 37,000 beats per second, separates particle of protein, oil and water in hair treatment and penetrates deep inside hair. After using the flat iron on my hair, my hair is washed once again. My hair then were blow-dried and Xuan even curl my hair. Oh my gosh, lawa la pulak!! So should I curl my hair now? :D The treatment took about one hour including my Sparkling Scalp Hairwash. Seriously my hair never felt so soft and so smooth! And my hair feels so much lighter!! :D 

I highly recommend this treatment if you have dry and frizzy hair like me, if you  have used too much chemicals on your hair and also for those who generally want their hair to be in tip top condition. Well I know that I am not able to share my photos after the treatment (due to my religion) but rest assured, you will leave the salon with a spanking smooth and healthy hair!! :) I even showed the pictures of my new hair to my friends when I told them I went for a hair treatment in Number 76. *hehe* the treatment will last about a month, depending on how you make care of your hair. So don't be putting too much heat and chemicals on your hair, aight? The Ultrasonic Treatment is now RM280 from now until 18th Feb 2015, so hurry and do it before CNY!! :P

Feeing so happy with my smooth and soft hair! :D

Thank you Xuan for the wonderful and professional service. I really enjoyed the treatment! ^_^

Price list. :)

You can book your hair appointment via online. It is super easy! CLICK HERE FOR ONLINE BOOKING! :)

Number76 Starhill Gallery

Address :
S4, Pamper Floor, Starhill Gallery, 
Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur

Contact :
03 2141 6676 / 03 2141 7076

Email :

Business Hours :
10:00 – 22:00 (Daily)

Official Website :

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  1. bestnya sabbyy!! tak sangka dia ada tempat untuk muslimah kan, which is great! thanks sabby.

    1. aah, give it a go kalau nak cari hair salon yg bole request stylist perempuan. best! :)

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