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It has been a while (well almost 2 years actually) that Sabby Storage Ideas has been idle. I am still selling my 'The Sabrina Box' but maybe you don't really know about it because I don't really talk about it. LOL The fact that here I am promoting other's businesses and I kept quiet about MY business! *hahaha*

Sabby Storage Ideas is my expression for the love of makeup. Some people collect handbags and shoes, well WE makeup junkies collect makeup. And trust me, even the product has expired, we still keep them because 'sayang nak buang'. Am I right girls (and boys)? I love make up so much that I think it is such a waste to keep those makeup in drawers. Why not display it? Besides that, when I first created 'The Sabrina Box'   I created it because I want a makeup storage that is tall enough for my liquid foundations so that I don't have to lay it flat. Haven't seen anything like it, so that's how 'The Sabrina Box'  is born. If you don't know how 'The Sabrina Box'  looks like, you can click HERE for my blogpost and video. :)

As for my new baby, 'The Aulia Box', well that's my baby girl's name if you don't know. :) I used her second name (Marissa Aulia) simply because I want to name it after her. :D 'The Aulia Box' is created because I want a makeup storage for my eyeshadow palettes. I don't have a lot but I have a few. I want to display them because I want to keep rotating using them. Furthermore, I don't want to ruin my vanity drawer because the palettes are heavy. I designed the storage with putting makeup palettes  as my priorities. And from there, I just add on 2 drawers that can fit any huge makeup palettes, or whatever your heart desire. 

The acrylic I'm using is 5mm so it is sturdy and heavy. This makeup box will last you long time, trust me. :) On top of that, you can personalized your initials to make the box more special! Yes, with only a little extra charge, you can have your name on your make up box, say what??? :)

Let's see some shots of the box, shall we? :)

You can also use the first row of the palette storage to store your skincare, perfume and even foundation bottles and BB/CC Cream. :)

3 inch deep drawer that can fit A LOT of makeup stuff. If it's too big for you, you can request for ONE (1) divider in the middle (either one of the drawer) without any extra cost at all. :)

Personalized initials, pretty neat right? This could be a great idea for gifts as well. *wink wink* :D

Check out my video for full look of the box. I hope you find it interesting enough to purchase it and let it stand beautifully on your vanity table. :)


  The Aulia Box by Sabby Storage Ideas  

Description : 
'The Aulia Box' has 3 slots for eyeshadow/blush palettes which can also be used to store foundation, skincare or perfume (front row). Includes 2 pull-out drawers (3 inch depth). Customer can opt for ONE divider in either one of  the drawer with no extra charges. Personalized initials (2 letters) is available for extra charge of RM20.


Height - 15 inch
Width - 8 inch
Length - 11 inch
Drawer's depth - 3 inch

RM350 (without personalized initials)
RM370 (with personalized initials)

Pre-Order (7 - 10 days)

Email me at
with the subject :
The Aulia Box [insert your name]

** Currently only COD is available. (KL and Selangor).  If you are willing to pay for the postage fee, I can arrange postage for you but bare in mind I am not responsible if the box is damaged/broken during postage.


Okay, since today is the launch day of my new makeup box, I have a good news for you! I am having an introductory price for 'The Aulia Box'. *hooorayyyy*

  Introductory Price  
RM300 (without personalized initials)
RM320 (with personalized initials)

This offer is valid until 26th February 2016, so place your order ASAP! :) You will save RM50 if you purchase now until another 2 weeks.  You can also share this good news to all your makeup junkies friends. *hehehe*

Thank you so much for reading this post, and also thank you to my previous customers for purchasing 'The Sabrina Box'  I hope you girls love it. And do contact me if you want to purchase 'The Aulia Box'.  you gonna love it! :)

** The Aulia Box is designed by myself, made to order and made in Malaysia. :)

Till then,



  1. Subahanallah my prayers has been answered. I've been trying to find a makeup organizer for my eyeshadow palettes and I've never found one that I'm happy with. This might just be the perfect one... Adui, I hope I'm able to purchase this box before the promo ends. Thanks for designing and making it... Now I can have my eyeshadow displayed at the top of my shelf and not inside the drawers. In Shaa Allah ada rezeki, Alisha beli. 😉

  2. MENAREK GILER!! but im thinking of susun i punye cd cd kpop yg berterabur tu! ahhahaha instead of makeup lol XD nice babe siap ade initial

  3. Do you still have this? But I am far away from KL..



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