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It has been a while since I talk about fragrances. To be honest that these couple of years I have been blessed to be able to try out so many new perfumes. I used to be 'that' kinda-gal who always repurchase the same fragrances over and over again. But I know now, there's so much more to explore and I am glad to have found 007 for Women, especially dedicated to Bond fans worldwide. Whenever Bond is, you can expect his lady friend is there by his side. 'Dangerously seductive' is the perfect description of a Bond woman. Eloquent, witty, courageous and stunningly gorgeous and charming in a bottle. That's what I would describe the scent.

Caterina Murino, who is the Bond girl in Casino Royale as Solange is the face of 007 for Women fragrance. 

The 007 for Women fragrance has these ingredients : 
" An initial burst of spicy Black Pepper enveloped in Rose Milk ignites an intriguing paradox of danger and sensuality. Alongside this, the instantly attractive, familiar fruity character of Blackberry is combined with the feminine softness represented by White Floral Jasmine. The rich, sensual drydown, which is the key to any Oriental signature is driven by Black Vanilla and tantalizing White Musk, with a touch of elegant Cedarwood. "

I have been using this perfume whenever I have dinner or wedding at nights. I think it is suitable for night time because the scent is strong. It is feminine and masculine at the same time. A bit more on the musky side but it is still soft. The scent lingers quite a long time and it blends into my skin and create a unique 'me' scent.I guess that is the perfect description of the Bond Woman. Someone who has guts and poise at the same time. The bottle is beautiful with diamond-cut pattern, the shapely collar of the bottle recalls a woman's seductive décolleté, marked with a contrasting rose gold trim.


EDP : 30 ml (RM100) / 50ml (RM140) / 75ml (RM180)
Body Lotion : 150ml (RM40)

AVAILABILITY : At leading departmental stores and perfumeries.

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  1. Cantik. Jatuh cinta dengan bentuk minyak wangi 007.



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