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Assalamualaikum and hello.

I felt like I haven't touch on the fashion subject for quite sometime. Reason being is because I am trying my best to cut down my post pregnancy weight. I gained 15kgs in total during my pregnancy, and I already lost 10kgs. But my weight has been static for 2 months and I can't get it off! Urghh it is so annoying and I am so stressed out! T_T I feel so bloated and I can't fit into most of my clothes because I am a size S but I just gotta deal with M size. :( Okay okay this is not the place to rant about my weight, so you just wait for my update on that! :D *ahahaha* 

Anyway we can talk about shawl because obviously shawl has nothing to do with my body size. *hehehe*. If you don't already know, Nora Danish has come up with her own hijab collection called Owl by Nora Danish. The line has quite a selection of shawl and square hijab, tops and jubah too. I got two pieces from her latest collection, Blossom For Us which is a shawl and Lavish Love which is a large square hijab. 

I love that the shawl comes in beautiful boxes like these. It makes the buyer feels important. :)

All her shawls and square hijab has her signature printed on them.

  ND Lavish Love  
Size : 114.3 cm x 114.3 cm
RP : RM149

ND Lavish Love is a beautiful geometrical print square hijab that is perfect for that feminine touch of the wearer. I chose the colour combination of white, mint and pink because I love pastels. The square hijab is large enough to cover my chest and I can do several styles with it. Worn it on a Sunday date with my husband and my baby girl, went out for some Boat Noodle. The square hijab is indeed comfortable and easy to style. I have not used square hijab because I looked like a school kid whenever I used that type of scarves. for so long but this one might be an exception.

Lavish Love square hijab | Owl by ND
White top | Dorothy Perkins
Ombre cardigan | Zalora
Skinny jeans | Uniqlo
Bowling bag | Klaus Kobec
Kitten heel | Charles & Keith

  ND Blossom For Us  
Size : 173 cm x 60 cm
RP : RM149

ND Blossom For Us has 3 colours selection which are purple, peach and mint green. It is a shawl with floral pattern that is suitable for casual days. This purple shawl can easily be matched with any plain clothes especially clothes in neutral tones and black. That is what I paired up with for a casual day out. Flowy double layer top in nude and a black palazzo. This is a laid-back look, the perfect outfit to relax and unwind.

ND Blossom For Us shawl | Owl by ND
Flowy double layer nude top | Zara
Black palazzo | Zalora
MAC Crossbody | Rebecca Minkoff
Sky Sling Back | Melissa

Check out Owl by Nora Danish if you are interested to out any of her shawl's collection. I love her printed shawls and square hijab, they are very pretty and easy to style. The material of the shawls makes it sit nicely on the head. I would love to have more! :D

For more information on Owl by Nora Danish, please visit :

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  1. Cantiknya! Tapi harga dia boleh tahan jugalah. Kak Sabby beli shawl cora dekat mana ya? Azwar selalu tengok ig akak pakai shawl flora.. ;)

    1. thank u dear. :D yang corak2 mane ye? mostly yg corak2 tu tudung2 beli lama dah. hehe tapi yg latest akak dapat from thenajwas. :)

  2. Oh my, cantiknya kak sabby and that tudungs are so cantik! Dah lama perhatikan tudung ni, duduk lama je perhatikan. Nanti kalau ada rezeki dapatlah beli. Nice post kak! :D

  3. Cute..=) muka kak shabby pun dah ada iras nora danish,

  4. eh sama laaaa scarf kite ni?!! ape ni? kt patut pakai boria la cmni hehehehe



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