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Assalamualaikum and hello love.

My long awaited post, my staycation at Ajlaa Village is finally up! Yeay! I need to share this experience as soon as I can because lets face it, travel post is the one thing that I need to master. *hahaha* Anyway, when Ayna (my blogger friends) invited me for a weekend at Ajlaa Village (and furthermore it's going to be a girls weekend) of course I had to say yes! :D And lets face it, a getaway from the city for the weekend, siapa tak nak? ;)

Ajlaa Village is located in Hulu Langat and it is about 30-40 minutes from KL. It is owned by Hj. Jalal Ahamad (Ayna's father) with a dream in mind, to have a playground garden for his children. The land is developed bit by bit and finally in 2012, Ajlaa Village is opened to the public. Ajlaa Village has a total of 34 chalets (around water and hill site view), 2 swimming pools (adults & kids), 3 fishing ponds, gazebo, discussion room, main hall and dorm. This resort is definitely suitable for family and friends gathering, seminar, team building, training and events. Ajlaa Village is a 10-acres land so you can guess how huge the resort is! Lets take a look at some photos and you can also check out my video (at the end of this blog post) for a virtual tour of the resort! :)


** Suitable for larger pax
** Fot training, seminar, team-building and such


You can cook and have BBQ on your own! ;)

** Suitable for family since there's a connecting media room


Fishing pond

** Has 7 rooms
** Suitable for families or friends that want to be closer to each other


** Suitable for those who enjoys fishing because the balcony overlooked the fishing pond

The room rates start at RM120 to RM200 per night, depending on the room type. :) See, I told you it is affordable! :)


A place to chillax, lepak-lepak sambil rendam kaki enjoying the scenery. *hehehe* 


The swimming pool is open all day long, so if you want to jump into the pool even at 10pm, go ahead! :P

There's plenty of activities you can do here especially you want outdoor activities. Jungle trekking, waterfall walk, sport fishing and campfire is a must if you come here! You can tell the admin at Ajlaa Village that you want and they can prepare itinerary for you depending on your budget. You can also cook and have BBQ on your own, or alternatively you can also request for prepared meals with additional charges. :) Oh ya, you can also buy organic fresh water fish such as Haruan, Tongsan, Rohu, Jelawat, Patin, Temoleh, Tilapia, Ketutu, Baung, Lampam, Puyu and Lee Koh here. You can also taste some of the fruits here such as durian, rambutan and duku during the fruit season. 

And yes, we had BBQ that night and it was delicious! That night is indeed full of laughter, especially when Illy started with all these funny riddles! *hehehe* so much fun! And we also lepak at the gazebo and swimming pool where we just chatted the night away. And of course that gossip session before going to bed. *hihihi*

Illy's brother and husband went fishing and got this! :D

The next day before jungle trekking, we had this awesome nasi lemak! *hahaha* I had two *tak malu* :P

Okay so the jungle trekking is not that hard (supposedly) but I AM VERY the non-adventurous type so everything is hard for me. *hahaha* Fear of falling, fear of sliding down the hill, ahhhh macam-macam la. But alhamdulillah everything turned out ok that day. A special thanks to Liz sebab tolong akak ko ni masa jungle trekking. *hahaha*

Amek gamba mestila muka excited. T_T

We took a break and had a swim (or more likely berendam :P) at the hidden river.

All the bloggers during the staycation. *except Illy's brother and husband. :D

From left : Liyliz Yusof | Illy Ariffin | Ayue Idris | Syafiqah Hashim | Cik Lily Putih | Yours Truly | Mieza Everdeen | Caroline | Nicole | Sizzling Suzai | Alyza Fisol (bottom)

HAHAHAHA! Album cover group rock kapak! :D

Ice cream time before heading back to the resort. NYUMS!

kengkonon artistic la ni. :P

I had such a fun weekend with the girls! Ajlaa Village is the perfect getaway from the busy city, with the calm ambiance and serenity. I highly suggest this place if you need to find peace, even for one night only. Thank you so much to Ayna and her family for welcoming us with great hospitality, I will surely tell everyone I know to stay at Ajlaa Village. ^_^

Check out my vlog for a virtual tour of Ajlaa Village and also what we did there! :D

Batu 22, Sungai Lepuh,
Jln Hulu Langat, 43100, Selangor
[019-8154750 / 017-2931955]

For more information and details, you can check out these links for inquiries:

Website     :

*Photos without my trademark is from and from my blogger friends.

Thanks for reading love! :)

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