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Taking care of my skin is my major concern the moment I turned 30. I am pretty consistent with my skincare regime since I was 25 years old, I mean the 3 major steps which are to cleanse, tone and moisturize. I never neglect my skincare routine because I had skin problems when I was in school and trust me, I never want to go back to that time. About 4 or 5 years ago, I added in a few more steps in my skincare routine which are exfoliator, serum/toner, eye cream, sunscreen and face mask. Yes, it seems quite a lot, but rest assured that you will have good skin through out your life if you are discipline. It's hard work, but it surely pays off!

One of my favourite skincare products is definitely face mask, and specifically facial sheet mask because they are convenient, easy to use and most of the times they give instant results. That is why I will never pass on the opportunity to try out any kind of facial sheet mask. Today I am going to share with you girls my new favourite face masks, it is from  My Secrets of Beauty (MSB) facial sheet masks! MSB facial sheet masks are formulated in France and manufactured in Hong Kong. Their face masks are ultra thin (skin-like) and transparent which is different from any other facial sheet masks I've tried before. You may have never heard about the brand, well it is because these face masks will only be available starting 1st March 2016 on their website!

I love the black box packaging, it makes the products look exclusive!
Don't you think the packaging is so adorable? Love the colour combination! :)

There are 7 pieces of face mask in the box and 3 variants of mask is available which are Facial Firming and Anti-Aging Mask, Hydrating Mask and Brightening Mask. You will get 2 pieces of Facial Firming and Ant-Aging Mask, 2 pieces of Brightening Mask and 3 pieces of Hydrating Mask. I've tried all 3 of the variants and curious to find out whether I like them or not?  Let's find out more about them, shall we? ^_^


** suitable for all skin type  

This facial sheet mask has collagen to improve the skin's elasticity and prevent the signs of aging. Remember that our skin's collagen production will drop as we grow older so collagen is important! Firm skin is everyone's dream, trust me! Saggy skin is a big NO NO. This mask also helps to whitens, cleanses and moisturize skin so the skin will be soft and supple at all time. I've used this and I really like it! It gave me minimal 'lift up effect' and makes my skin so soft and smooth! I used this at night after using my clay mask. I popped this on, and my skin feels so much better. Cooling and I felt so refreshed!


** suitable for all skin type / dry and dull skin

MSB Hydrating Mask has a unique small molecule technology that enables rapid penetration and strong absorption. It repairs the skin and lock in moisture to keep the skin hydrated. Malaysia's weather is so hot now, and I have been reaching out to products that promotes hydration because my skin is just not having it. Hydrating Mask is so good and it is the fastest way if you want to get instant result. Just put it on and within 30 minutes, you will have soft, supple and well-moisturized skin. This gets a thumbs up from me!


** suitable for all skin type / dark and dull skin

MSB Brightening Mask ingredients is focused on whitening and brightened up the skin. It treats dark pigmentation and reduce the appearance of pigmentation. Those with dull skin, this could be your answer for instant glow because it repairs damaged tissue while brightening the skin. I actually used this right before a photoshoot and my skin couldn't be better. My skin was soft, smooth and well-nourished that my makeup stays on nicely through out the photoshoot. It's true, if you have a great canvas, everything will stay on perfectly.

The facial sheet mask has 3 layers because the mask itself is very thin. So firstly what you need to do is peel of the first layer (blue).  Then apply the mask, second layer must be on your face (soft-cottony side). 

After you apply it on your face, remove the third layer (white) and smoothen out the thin and transparent mask on your face. Okay, here's a fact about me. I have a small face, like seriously a small face. All the facial sheet mask that I've tried are always too big for me. Haven't found anything that fits me like a glove. Same goes with these masks, they are too big for me hence the sloppy application. T_T But, it was never an issue for me because I don't think manufacturer would make sizes for facial sheet masks right? That would be too over the top. *hahaha*

Anyway, these masks are indeed transparent and thin. Thats why it comes with 3 layers to make application easy.  It does feel like second skin and I love how cooling and relaxing it feels during those 20 minutes of usage. After 20 minutes, I removed the mask and massage the excess essence into my skin until it is totally absorbed into my skin. It feels a bit sticky but after 5 minutes or so, the stickiness will fade away and you will be left with soft, smooth, supple and refreshed skin! It is suggested to use it 7 days a week (hence the 7 pieces of masks in a box) but I always use them every 2 or 3 days.


I love facial sheet mask because they are easy to use, easy to travel with and give instant result. If I have any special occasions, I will use these type of mask and apply it on my face right before I apply my makeup. Trust me, the end result is amazing! Foundation will be flawless on the skin and makeup will stay longer. Do I love My Secrets of Beauty facial sheet masks? Yes I do! They do not irritate my face, has subtle scent and the most important these masks moisturized and freshen up my skin instantly!I love how my soft and bouncy my skin feels when I wake up the next day. :) They are great addition to my face masks collection and I can't wait for it to be launched so you girls can buy and try them! :) 

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