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Assalamualaikum and hello!

To my hijabi friends, this post is dedicated especially to you! I am excited to share with all of you a new shawl brand that has been around since last year. To be honest, the first thing that made me fall in love with the brand the fact that the floral designs on the shawls are drawn by Lady Qomash's own founder, Ms. Liyana whom is a degree holder of Illustration and Animation from University of The West of England in Bristol, UK. The 'artist' side of her brings elegance, feminine and graceful feel to her designs. Art on shawls, why not right? I am currently in love with any floral patterns on shawls, and Lady Qomash designs is something not to be missed! 

Ms. Liyana, Lady Qomash founder (3rd from left)

Let's take a closer look on Lady Qomash's designs and style!

Size : Bawal /Square shape (110cm X 110cm)
Material : 100% Polysilk
Retail Price : RM110
*Comes with an exclusive black Lady Qomash box

Khatijah Black
Khatijah Mint

Khatijah Rose

I was head over heels when I first saw the Khatijah range. They are so pretty! All 3 of them is stunning and they all should be in any bawal or square shawl lovers. Love it that these shawls are easy to shape and easy to style! Bawal style is actually easier to style because it is simple and no-hassle. With the right material of shawl and designs, you can totally pull-off the 'bawal' shawl look.

Size : Wide Rectangle Shawl (180cm X 160cm)
Material : 100% Polysilk
Retail Price : RM90
*Comes with an exclusive black Lady Qomash box

Hydrangea Blue
Hydrangea Pink

Hydrangea collection comprises of 2 shades which is the blue and pink. I have the one in pink and I love it! It goes with my pastel-coloured clothes and also white. But I bet these type of shawl is suitable for any occasions, be it formal and casual days. It is easy to style and brings the essence of sophisticated for the wearer. 

Other designs available is the Ivory Chic shawl and Orchid Blossom. Both of these designs are rectangular shawl and the material is soft chiffon. These designs is definitely on the sweeter side and suitable for that special date with your loved ones. 

Orchid Blossom
Ivory Chic Shawl (RM90)

Lady Qomash is looking for agents to be a part of their team. I was there for the briefing, and trust me, I was really tempted because this is easy money! Well of course, you gotta be hardworking if you want to reach your monthly sale. Anyone can be Lady Qomash's agent, be it housewife, students or even if you want to make side income. We all know in this age, we all need to have a second job in order to have a better life. Becoming an agent for Lady Qomash is so easy, there is no registration fee, no capital startup and no stock purchasesLady Qomash will process the fulfilment, packaging and delivery themselves. The ONLY thing you need to do is to promote and market these beautiful shawls! The minimum of pieces you need to sell-off is 4 pieces, yes four only! Pretty easy right? :D If you are hardworking, you will get even more rewards, bonuses and incentives! :

Have I got your attention yet? :D If I have, and you are interested, you can email them at with email subject "Interested To Become LQ Agent". Here's the details you need to send them : 

Full Name :
Handphone No. :
Mailing Address :
Instagram :
Email Address : 
Dropship Experience : (if any)

Email them if you want to find out more!

The exclusive black box with any purchase of Khatijah and Hydrangea shawl.

As I mentioned earlier that I have the Hydrangea Pink shawl and I wore it last week on a Sunday outing with my husband and Marissa.  A white flowy top with stripes, paired with my favourite black pants and Lady Qomash Hydrangea Pink Shawl to complete my outfit. I wanted to keep my clothes minimal so the shawl will stand out more. The shawl is comfortable to wear through out the day and it stays in place! The length is long enough to cover the chest area and there is so many style I can use with this shawl. I opted for my usual style because it's fast and easy. Plus, I want the beautiful floral pattern to be the focal point. They are meant to be seen and not to tucked in out of sight. ;)

Shawl  || Lady Qomash Hydrangea Pink
White stripe blouse  ||  Marinah Yazid
Black pants  ||  Dorothy Perkins
Wedges Platform  ||  Carlo Rino
Shoulder / Crossbody Bag  ||  Guess Luxe

I am indeed very much has fallen in love with brand. I love that the designs are exclusively theirs and not something you can find from other brands. The founder's creative art juice is translated into these beautiful and exclusive designs that will surely amaze the wearer. Each of these shawls are carefully made as Lady Qomash priority is to ensure their shawls uses high quality material. :)

For more information on Lady Qomash, please visit :
Instagram : @ladyqomash
Email :

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  2. amboihhhhhhhhhhh cantik tdung dia i loike printing dia tp lg like gambo u acah2 minum kopi tu hehehe model angat!



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