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It's the weekend! Yeeeehaaaaa Saturday and Sunday is definitely my favourite days because I can have 'me' time at home. :D Why do I have to wait until the weekend? Well, my husband can take care of Marissa and I can do my self-pampering time, be it on Saturday or Sunday. For me, my weekend routine consist of massaging my face, removing blackheads, putting eye mask under my eyes and using a peel-off mask or mud mask (depending on my skin's condition). 

Today I want to share with all of you my current favourite nose strip, which is THEFACESHOP Jeju Volcanic Lava Aloe Nose Strip. Before using this nose strip, I used to use this one Japanese brand nose strip. But after I trying out THEFACESHOP nose strip, I prefer this one so much better! Keep on reading to find out why I love this nose strip.

Lets' face it, most people have blackheads and whiteheads which is is inevitable. Well, thanks to our polluted air and not to mention that our pores are clogged due to makeup and such. Some people said that using a nose strip is harsh as it strips the layer of the skin but I think otherwise. I think using a nose strip is effective and easy. THEFACESHOP has two variants of nose strip under it's Jeju Volcanic Lava Pore Care range. You can choose either Aloe or Ash Nose Strip to suit you skin. I chose the Aloe Nose Strip as it is gentler while Ash Nose Strip is for those who needs the extra strength.

Both of these nose strips contains Jeju Volcanic Lava, the lava that that rapidly solidified with the volcanic eruption of Mount Halla 600,000 years ago. I guess most Korean beauty addicts most probably know the benefits of Jeju Volcanic Lava as it helps to remove impurities from the pores efficiently.  Other than the Jeju Volcanic Lava, 3 major ingredients or better know as city defender complex helps to do wonders on the skin. The 3 ingredients are :

Jeju Sasa
 Only grows in Jeju Island in the high Mt. Halla more for more than 60 years
  Gives pore tightening effect due to the rich tannin properties

Jeju Akebia
 Main plant that grows in the soil of Jeju's volcanic lava area
 Contains mucus ingredients
 Creates skin's moisture barrier and enhances skin tone

Jeju Sea Fusiforme 
♥ It is seaweed fusiforme that grows in the Jeju sea which is usually used for food
♥ It is rich in minerals and helps to maintain smooth and healthy skin

There is 7 strips in the box and it is retailed at RM15.90. It is similar to any other nose strip but the shape of it is slightly different that any pores strip that I've tried before. The usage step is also the same where I need to wet my nose, peel-off the strip and put it on my nose. Leave for about 10-15 minutes until the strip has dried out. Peel it off.

Look at that yucky blackheads! T_T

As you can see the photo on the left, I actually have a tiny pimple. The strip completely took out the rest of the pimple and it made me feel so good. *hahaha* But, you shouldn't use nose strip on blemished skin because you might make it worst. But this tiny zit is completely gone now and l am happy about that. Anyway, the rest of my blackheads were removed efficiently, well of course not 100% but I would say around 85% - 90%. As I have a mild sensitive skin, this works nicely on me because it doesn't tingle as much as my previous nose strip. It is easy to peel-off and I don't feel like it's stripping off my skin too much. One thing that I love the most that I don't feel the glue-y taste. I don't know how to explain it but when I used my previous nose strip, the water around my nose will drip into my mouth with the glue residue from the strip so that's pretty gross. THEFACESHOP Jeju Volcanic Lava Aloe Nose Strip does not do that so I am pretty much happy about that.  When I applied the strip on my nose, I notice there's a slight muddy and dirt scent to it which I believe it must be the Jeju Volcanic Lava. You can get it at THEFACESHOP stores nationwide or via online. Thanks so much for reading and I hope this review helps! :)

For more information on THEFACESHOP, please visit :

Instagram : @thefaceshopmalaysia

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  1. wow, might try this pore strip next time I pay a visit to The Face Shop store! Nice review on this <3

  2. I was wondering whether to get this at Hermo - I think you've convinced me! :D Thanks for sharing.



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