LOOKBOOK #1 : Off-Shoulder Top For Girls in Hijab

 ♥ KLFWRTW 2016 

Assalamualaikum and hello.

So I've decided to document any outfits that I love whenever I go to events or outings with my family and friends. I have been wanting to do lookbook posts but to be honest I was really lazy (most of the times) to ask someone to help me to capture my OOTDs. I salute all of my fashion bloggers friends who efficiently posed for that perfect photo. Truly amazing. I only do it when my friends are doing it or just for the purpose of campaigns/job. So I don't want to be lazy anymore and I want to continue doing it as I do love fashion and I want my blog to have my sense of style in it.

The first post is we are going to talk about off-shoulder top trend that has been going around for quite sometime. I absolutely love it because to me it's feminine, soft and graceful. But of course, for hijabi girls, showing off the shoulder is a definite no-no. I saw this white off-shoulder crop top in Nichii and bought it on the spot. So here's how I matched the white off-shoulder top with the rest of my outfit for KLFWRTW2016.

I paired the white off-shoulder top with a black basic long-sleeve shirt underneath. A black palazzo for flowy effect for the whole look. Since my ensemble is black and white, I decided to throw in some colours on my head, therefore my pink, purple and aqua square shawl from Owl by Nora Danish made the cut. I go for black satchel handbag that can be used as a shoulder bag too. My heels are my wedding shoes actually, matched my shawl very well.

Shawl  ||  Owl by Nora Danish
Black Basic Long-Sleeve  ||    Uniqlo
White Off-Shoulder Crop Top  ||  Nichii
Black Palazo  ||  Lazada Fashion
Satchel Handbag ||  Charles & Keith
Turquoise Heel ||  Melissa

My #motd

I hope you enjoy a piece of my fashion style in this series, till then! :)

*OOTD photos is photographed by Sizzling Suzai

Thanks for reading!

Till then,



  1. i love this look babe n ur effort on styling the off shoulder trend, brilliant sgt tau!!

    1. thank you babe <3 you are my fashionista idol <3 muah muah

  2. i love your handbag and heels ! you make up also was on point !

  3. Yeayy! Welcome to the club Kak Sabby. Lepas ni jom kita shoot OOTD sesama. Before this Kak Sabby melayan kitaorg je bergambo.. heee.. HUGS!

    1. Hahaha yela. ni terpengaruh korang la niii. hahahaha thanks pika <3



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