BEAUTY | Review : Ardini Essentials Habbatus Sauda Skincare Set

Have you heard of the goodness of Habbatus Sauda, or also known as Black Seed? And have you ever heard that Habbatus Sauda is the cure of all diseases except death? I've heard about these two information years ago but never really ventured into any related products. My parents consume Habbatus Sauda with honey everyday to maintain their health. From what I know Habbatus Sauda benefits include anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and so much more. What if I tell you that you can also get the Habbatus Sauda goodness from skincare products? Ardini Essentials created a skincare set which is enriched with Habbatus Sauda and Olive Oil that is suitable for men and women to achieve clean, glowing and healthy skin. The skincare set comes with two products, Deep Facial Cleanser (50ml) and Facial Treatment Serum (15ml). 

These two products are formulated by experienced scientist from Malaysia and approved by KKM. No harsh chemicals included such as mercury and paraben, therefore it is certified by SIRIM Malaysia as safe to be used for all men and women, even those with sensitive skin. The main benefits of Ardini Essentials skincare set includes :

🌷Reduce the appearance of pores
🌷Maintain skin moisture
🌷Reduce blemishes scars
🌷Reduce dark spots and pigmentation
🌷Improve skins elasticity and eliminate fine lines
🌷Even out skin tone for a healthier complexion

Weight / Size / Volume : 50ml

The cleanser has decent amount of foam

Enriched with 2 natural ingredients, this cleanser hydrates the skin while washes away all the impurities. The texture of this cleanser is translucent gel-like with micro beads that act as scrubbing agent. The cleanser has decent amount of foam which is relatable as it does not contains SLS.  Even though this cleanser can act as a face scrub as well, the cleanser is gentle on the skin and won't cause any irritation. Use a small amount of product on the palm, mix with water and massage all over skin for 15-30 seconds then wash it off with clean water.  The cleanser removes dead skin cells and clears out all the impurities, leaving a soft and smooth skin. I love that the cleanser does not give me the tight feeling after washing. It leaves my skin soft and smooth, but the best part is that, I can feel that my skin is really clean after using this cleanser. Not sure how to explain to you all, but it just feels like all the oiliness, the dirts and bacteria has been washed away. Love it!

Weight / Size / Volume : 15ml

The Facial Treatment Serum is formulated with Habbatus Sauda and Olive oil which are beneficial to the skin. As I mentioned earlier, Habbatus Sauda is high in anti-oxidant therefore it is a great ingredient for anti-aging purpose. Olive Oil is also high in anti-oxidant which includes Vitamin E, Polifenol and Phytosterol to protect the skin from harmful environmental radicals.  The texture of the serum is translucent gel-like and absorbs quite quickly into the skin. I only use one pump and massage the product into my skin. Gently tap and massage it so it can absorbs quickly into the skin. It leaves a tacky feeling after application and in a way I feel as if it leaves a protective layer of film so that my skin moisture level is maintained. After 3 weeks of using the serum, I noticed that my skin has become more hydrated and I have not been getting any dry patches. The best part is that my T-zone has become less oily, amazing!

Serum is fully absorbs into the skin
Gently massage the serum into the skin

Ardini Essentials  has gracefully being featured in newspapers and magazines too, check this out!

Ardini Essentials  Habbatus Sauda Skincare set is priced at RM199 only guys, such a good price for using highly potent ingredient! 

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Phone : 018-9000851

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Instagram : @ardiniessentials

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  1. Hai Sabby! What a lovely article you have written about the wonders of Black Seed in Ardini Essentials Habbatus Sauda skincare set. Thanks so much for the pleasure of your review. I'm Hazwani by the way. I'm doing dropship for this wonderful product as my online business. Once you have used this great product, you will not turn back. And I can say your skin definitely looks flawless by day.

    Should anyone interested to get hold on this product, you may contact me to order. You can whatsapp me at 016-4709370. Or add my Facebook Hazwani Mohamed Shadli (Serum Sunnah Ardini). Free postage in Malaysia. Thanks again Sabby! I look forward to read more reviews from you. Wish you success in your writing. Good day! Assalamualaikum.

  2. I would love to try this because of Habbatus Sauda as the ingredients.



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