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Our reception in Tun Rahah (21/12/14)
Most people would wish on the perfect wedding days, I too would want that, and I had 3 days of wedding days that I want to relive all over again. Getting hitched is indeed the best moment in life as now I am a proud wife and mother to my lovely daughter. Remembering all the stress and arguing with my parents (sorry Ma and Babah :P ) gosh, THAT I don't want! *hahaha* But of course I am forever thankful that they were the ones who searched and booked the venue because if it's up to me, I think I would have become a bridezilla!

Speaking from experience, finding a venue is crucial because you want the place to be accessible, provides rooms for bride and groom to get ready and for family members, proper washroom and so on. Not to forget about food catering, 'pelamin', eh macam-macam lagi la! If I were to list everything, this blog post is going to be too long.

I want to share with all of you about The Wedding Heritage (TWH), luxurious bungalows where you can book for the perfect wedding venue! TWH has 2 bungalows that you can choose from, depending the type of events and the number of guests you are having. Check out their ALL-IN packages below for further info!

"Wedding Venue & Event Space"

Location : Taman Sri Ukay, Ampang
Pax : 500pax
Suitable for :
🌷 Birthday Party
🌷Product Launch
🌷Open House
🌷Berendoi & Aqiqah
🌷Engagement / Solemnization (100-200pax)
🌷Private Reception

"Wedding Venue"

Location : Seksyen 6, Kota Damansara
Pax : 2000pax
Suitable for :
🌷Malam Berinai
🌷Nikah / Solemnization
🌷Night Reception
🌷Day Reception
🌷Corporate Open House

The 5 reasons why you have to choose The Wedding Heritage!

More time for family members to relax after the event (2 -3 hours allowance)
Customize quotation depending bride/groom's budget (RM2500 for booking/deposit)
Add on or minimize  any food depending on customer's budget.

Available rooms for bride/groom (preparation), surau, rest room for guests, washroom and rooms for family
Homestay 2 days 1 night is available in Kota Damansara Bungalow
Amenities included similar to hotels such as iron, electric kettle, towels and extra pillows and mattresses.

All vendors and panels have been in the business up to 20 years of experience. 
Senior Wedding Planner will be appointed as floor manager to ensure everything runs smoothly during the day of the event. 
Up to date on the latest wedding trend and only the best advices will be given to bride/groom.
RELA service is provided to control traffic flow

Clients need not to worry as The Wedding Heritage can take care from A-Z in planning the event
All-in services is given even though the prices given are relatively low from other venue

Suitable for those who needs to get married within one month (depending on the availability of the venue)
The Wedding Heritage will arrange everything as hey have the best and quality vendors.

A special discount to all of my readers, mentioned "BOOKING BLOGGER" to get RM500 off! Valid for the first 20 pax and valid until MARCH 2017! 

For more information on The Wedding Heritage, please visit : 
Contact : 0165629394

Wishing all the brides and grooms to be to have a smooth and beautiful wedding. All the best! :)

Thanks for reading!



  1. Wahhhh.. untung la boleh masuk kan gambar wedding. Iouls gambar berangan je dulu. Hhehehee.. Blog Template baruuuu~

    1. HAHAHAHA... Terpaksa la guna nak memeriahkan bog post! :D heheh aah template baru, ok takkkk

  2. Best gak kawen kat tempat macam ni. Nampak ekslusif. Saya dulu tak berpeluang nak bersanding. Kalaulah ada rezeki lebih, tempat macam nilah jadi pilihan saya.

    1. aah tu la, kalau dari dulu tau, mesti i survey tmpt ni utk my wedding dulu. heheh



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