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Cooking for the family is one of the best feelings a mother could ever do for her family. I feel that home-cooked food symbolizes warmness, happiness and it creates togetherness and closeness among family members. To be honest, I am not much of a cook before I got married because I never really bother doing it just because I have my mom cooking for the family. And besides, her cooking skills is way better than mine so I just leave it to the professional, trust me it's better that way. ;)

Long story short, when i got married, of course I have to cook for my husband and now with the existance of our baby girl Marissa, I have the opportunity to explore more about cooking methods and also new recipes. I don't consider myself a great cook, but I always believe that practice makes perfect. Being a stay at home mom, I kinda think that I have improved a lot! I remember the first few months of marriage, I need at least 2 and half hours just to complete cooking 2 dishes (One main and veggies dishes), rice and also washing up all the pots and pans. Now, I proudly say that I can settle everything within one hour. *hahahaha* :D

But of course, we all need help in the kitchen and I think using the right kitchen appliances can help the cooking process faster and simpler. The 2 most used electrical appliances in my kitchen is Pensonic Rice Cooker and Oven. Rice is a staple in my family therefore my rice cooker is used all the time. Never once it gives me any problems and my rice is always perfectly cooked every time. Same goes to my oven, I bake and grill with it, I even toast my breads in it. Never have I encountered any problems with them. The amazing thing about Pensonic is that, their products are affordable without compromising quality. The fact that it is a Malaysian brand, it makes me proud that we are able to produce great, quality products. 

Born in Balik Pulau, Penang, Pensonic is originally named Keat Radio and Electrical Co. in 1956, the name changed to Pensonic (mean sounds of Penang) in 1982. Pensonic is highly acknowledge as the leading Malaysian Electrical Home Appliances manufacturer  due to its various achievements. Pensonic has a domestic distribution network of 10 branches with more than 900 dealers countrywide and they also exports their products to over 30 countries in ASEAN, East and West Asia and the Middle-East.

Okay so here's the a great opportunity to those who loves cooking and would love to be featured on television! "Chef Mail Masak Bersama Pensonic" is back! And you have the opportunity to cook with Dato' Chef Haji Ismail and a local celebrity in "Chef Mail Masak Bersama Pensonic 2017" show on TV3! 7 winners will be selected and  a video shoot will be done in a restaurant selected by organizer! How exciting is that??? :D

Celebrity chef, Dato' Chef Haji Ismail is a well-known Malaysian local cuisine ambassador and he is also known for his authentic and delicious local dishes. If you haven't visited his restaurant Rebung, darling, you are missing big time! I just love his energetic and cheerful personality that he portrays through his cooking demonstration and tv shows, he is simply fun to watch!

"WE WANT YOU ON TV" rules and regulations : 

  1. Full Name (as in ID)
  2. Identity Card No.
  3. Address
  4. Hp no.
  5. Email Address 
  6. Recipe's Name
  7. Photos of the dish
  8. Photos of the ingredients
  9. Photos of methods of cooking

  • Contest ends on 3rd March 2017 *terms & conditions apply

Winners will be contacted by organizer for further arrangement so guys, come on, don't miss this opportunity okay? I myself thinking of submitting my recipe even though I'm not the best cook but again, what do we have to lose right? Just submit your entries guys! :)

For more information on Pensonic and the contest, please visit : 
Website : www.pensonic.com
Facebook Page : www.facebook.com/pensonicmalaysia

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