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Several weeks ago I've gotten the opportunity to do something different during the weekend. Well for those who loves adventures, this activity might be one of your 'must try' if you happened to be in Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan area. I was invited to participate in MAD tour with Maison Moments, to try out MAD Scooter and I gotta be honest with all of you, I had only been on a motorbike or scooters for 3 times in my life, yes, you heard it right, 3 times only. So I was kind of nervous but feeling a little bit excited as well. 

It was a 2 days 1 night trip (11-12 February) and we stayed in Eagle Ranch Resort which is located in Pasir Panjang. I think most Malaysian would know that Eagle Ranch Resort is a resort caters especially to team building activities, therefore you can expect the accommodation types revolves around that theme. The reason why we stayed at Eagle Ranch Resort is because we will be having team building activities using MAD Velocifero so I guess that would be the right choice of place to stay over the night. 

So lets talk about the MAD Velocifero first. It is an electric scooter that can go up to the speed of 45km/hour and has several types and specifications (MAD500 - MAD1600) to meet specific needs. It is a cross between a mini-scooter and an electric bike, that's why it is basically as same as riding a scooter.  You can wear elbow and knee pads if you are afraid of falling down which I highly recommend especially if you are not used in riding bikes. There are 3 MAD tours available around Port Dickson which is the Thistle Hotel, Eagle Ranch Resort and PD Ostrich Farm.

MAD RIDE Thistle Hotel
Free & Easy (15 minutes) = RM21.20
MAD Tour = RM31.80

Our first stop for MAD tour is at Thistle Hotel which is the most relaxing one compares to the Eagle Ranch Resort and Ostrich Farm. This is my first time ever on the MAD Velocifero and I was really scared of falling off. All I can say is, take your time and do it slowly. Practice a few round until you are confident. My husband went on this tour because I was planning on going for the next day tour, but...... that didn't happened because we had to go back to KL for an emergency. But don't worry, I got some photos for you to see how the tours in Eagle Ranch Resort and PD Ostrich Farm looks like. 

My husband on the MAD Velocifero

My husband said that the track in Thistle Hotel is quite easy and he had fun riding on the scooter. My husband never rides on a scooter or motorbike in his life so I am so proud of him doing this! :D If you go there in the evening, you can actually wait for the sun down, it is amazingly gorgeous! :)

We weren't able to experience the tours in Eagle Ranch Resort and PD Ostrich Farm,  but here's some of the photos so you can get the rough idea how fun and exciting the tours can be!

MAD RIDE Eagle Ranch Resort
5 laps = RM21.20
8 laps = RM21.20
MAD Tour = RM31.80

MAD RIDE PD Ostrich farm
10 minutes = RM20
MAD Jungle Tour = RM30

I was told that the Eagle Ranch Resort tour is quite challenging with bumpy tracks but the PD Ostrich Farm is way more extreme! so basically you can choose which rides that will suit your preferences but as for me, I most definitely will choose the Thistle Hotel as it is more relaxing and more leisure. :D

Thank you so much to Maison Moments for having me, even though I had to go back to KL that night. If you have plans to go to Port Dickson, don't forget to drop by at these 3 different locations to experience MAD tours. Try something new and fun, you've got nothing to lose! :D

For more information on MAD scooter , please visit :

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