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Ladies, who here needs to tweeze, shave, thread or wax the eyebrow at least twice a week? Or what about for those who has facial hair, especially on top of lips or even side burns? Not to mentioned underarm, bikini lines that needs to be taken care of.  All of these parts are considered sensitive parts of the body and we need to use gentle treatment whenever we need to deal with these issue. I never came across any device that specialize in delicate hair area, until Veet Sensitive Touch

Veet comes out with a new beauty gadget, Veet Sensitive Touch to tackle the delicate hair area so we could have safer and effective result. Veet Sensitive Touch comes in various detachable heads to cater to certain area of the body ; eyebrow, bikini lines and underarm. The cutting blades are safe as the blades are designed to never the touched the skin during usage. The best part that the size is no bigger than an electronic toothbrush, meaning that it is travel-friendly! Just chuck it in your bag for on-the-go touch ups!

During the launch of the new Veet Sensitive Touch  Celebrity Makeup Artist Steven Sunny used the electric trimmer to trim 3 shapes of eyebrows. He showed us how easy it is to use the Veet Sensitive Touch on all types of eyebrows. I don't know about you, but eyebrow is important to me as it frames my face and makes the whole look complete. I can go bare face without makeup but my eyebrow needs to be on point.  Amber Chia, our Malaysian Supermodel and actress loves Veet Sensitive Touch too because she is a busy bee and needs to look good 24/7. Veet Sensitive Touch gives her painless and fast result without compromising a well-groomed and styled eyebrow!

Steven Sunny demonstrating the Veet Sensitive Touch - How to trim eyebrow hair
1st eyebrow style - Rock
2nd eyebrow style - Korean
3rd eyebrow style - Bohemian
The beautiful Amber Chia

The Veet Sensitive Touch kit comes with :
1 beauty styler
1 two-sided precision head for optimal eyebrow shaping
1 bikini trimming head
2 comb attachements
1 style cap
1 cleaning brush
1 beauty pouch
1 AA battery

The Veet Sensitive Touch is only RM119! I personally think it is a great price point considering if you always need to go for waxing or threading treatment once or twice a month. It is available at major pharmacies nationwide and online retailers. :) I will be reviewing the Veet Sensitive Touch in April, so keep a look out for that post to find out whether this tool is only a gimmick or does it really work. ;)

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