BEAUTY | Review : The Body Shop Down To Earth Eye Palette (8 Shades)

I am the kind of the person who always go for minimal eye makeup and go big on my lip colour choices. But of course there are times I want to go wild with my eye makeup but most of the time, neutral shades is the way to go. So most probably you could've already guessed that my eyeshadow palette collection is at least 90% neutrals but of course as always, I need more. :D

The Body Shop is kicking it up with their makeup collection, seriously I am amazed with the variety of makeup products they have in store. I haven't really ventured into their makeup range (except for the All-in-one Face Base which I swore by back then) because I always see The Body Shop as a skin care and body care expert. I have been The Body Shop fan since I was in school, I love the Vitamin E range and their body butter and lotions are my top favourites. And this Down To Earth (8 shades) eye shadow palettes is making its way into my favourite list.

Looking at the shades, yes, another neutral palettes. Is it warm tones, is it cool tones? Well I think it's a good mixture of both tones which I appreciate because this home girl love her warm and cool tones.  There are 8 shades which 3 are matte, 4 satin and 1 shimmer. The texture of these shades are soft and buttery and the pigmentation is good. They are easy to blend, but maybe too easy as the shade may disappear if you blend too hard. Keep in mind to use light-hand when blending. If you need the shade to stands out, use a wet brush to get more of iridescent effect (satin and shimmer shades). It stays on the eyelids pretty well but do use an eyeshadow primer to prolong the longevity of the shadows. 

The good thing about this palette is that you can pop out the eyeshadow pan and change up the shades you want. You can also customized your own palette, how cool is that! You can choose 8 shades in a palette or a quad (4 shades) with only RM30 per eyeshadow. The Body Shop also has 6 ready made quad palettes ; Smoky Plum, Smoky Grey, Smoky Gold, Brown, Go For Gold and True Romance. I have Smoky Grey, Go For Gold and True Romance which I will review next. Not so sure whether it's going to be a video or a blog post, just stay tuned. Oh and I love the simple black packaging, classy! The full mirror in the palette is a definite plus point because I can see my whole face on it and not just my eyes. Okay so let's go ahead and take a look at the swatches!

1st Row

Sahara Dune - Cream (matte)
Aztec Gold - Gold with orange undertone (satin)
Provence Ochre - Cool-toned brown (satin)
Bengal Granite - Dark plum with gold shimmer (shimmer)

2nd ROW

Peru Clay - Pale taupe (matte)
Kilimanjaro Rock - Brown with gold specks (satin)
Zawar Zinc - Grey taupe (satin)
Black Canyon Onyx - Black (matte)

This 8 shades palette is perfect for those who loves neutrals, warm tones or cool tones is achievable with this palette. I've been testing out this palette quite a while and my favourite shades in this palette are Aztec Gold, Peru Clay (great as transition shade), Zawar Zinc and Bengal Granite. If there's any shade that you like in this palette, just create your own quad eyeshadow!

Oh did I mentioned that these eyeshadow is infused with Sesame and Babassu Oils? And these eyeshadows are 100% vegan and cruelty free! :) This palette is retailed at RM149 (including GST). 

Don't forget to drop by again as I will be sharing my thoughts on the 3 quad palettes! :) 

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