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It has been a while since I reviewed a two way cake, as a matter of fact, I have not been using any Two Way Cake these past years. I guess it's time to change up my foundation game a little bit and try new products. In this blog post I'll be reviewing PIXY Two Way Cake Perfect Fit and I'm pretty sure those who wants good coverage two way cake with affordable price tag will sure loves this! 

A two way cake is a product for your makeup base where you can use it two ways, either dry or wet. Dry application is great for natural effect and touch-ups while wet application is great for foundation effect where you can get more coverage. PIXY Two Way Cake Perfect Fit is formulated using Japan Technology, which is enriched, with Squalane Oil to maintain hydration and other ingredients such as natural whitening powder and Vitamin C for a brighter and fairer looking skin. PIXY Two Way Cake also has SPF 15 to protect the skin from harmful UV rays.

There are 5 shades available in this range ; White Cream, Yellow Beige, Natural White, Natural Beige and Tropical Beige. I personally think these shades options is quite good as it can cater to most skin tones in Malaysia, whether you have yellow or pink undertones, fair or tan skin.

Looking at these 5 shades, the perfect shade for me is Natural Beige. The shade blends well into my skin and brightens up my complexion, making my skin looks livelier.  White Cream is also suitable for highlighting purpose while Tropical Beige can be used for shading. If you want to use dry application, simply use the sponge provided and apply it all over the face. 

No makeup
Wet application

I want a fuller coverage so I always use the wet application technique. Simply soak the sponge into a bowl of water, making sure that it is fully soaked in water. Squeeze out excess water and we are done! Start applying the two way cake from inner to outwards directions. 

Half face done

You can totally see the difference in the photo above. The left side look brighter and fair while the right side looks dull.

Whole face done wit PIXY Two Way Cake
What do you think? I think it covers really well, and the two way cake really feels weightless. FYI, I do not use concealer in this makeup look. You know what, I love the outcome! And now I'm going to show you how to do shading and highlight using the other 2 shades by using the darkest shade (Tropical Beige) to contour and lightest shade (White Cream) to highlight. We will start with shading, then highlighting.

Shading using PIXY UV Whitening Two Way Cake in Tropical Beige Shade
Highlight using PIXY UV Whitening Two Way Cake in White Cream

Shading and highlight for a more define looking finishing
Shading and highlight (after blending out)

Do you think the PIXY Two Way Cake works as a shading and highlight products? I think it gives such a natural shading and highlight effect, suitable for everyday makeup. I created a simple makeup look to inspire you to practice a daily makeup look that is easy to achieve!

A simple and easy look using PIXY Two Way Cake in Natural Beige as foundation (wet application), eyebrow pencil to fill in my eyebrow, concealer to cover my under eye dark circles, orange eye makeup with inner corner highlight, black eyeshadow as eyeliner, mascara, PIXY Two Way Cake in Tropical Beige as shading product, PIXY Two Way Cake in White Cream as a highlighter, coral blush and lip balm and a lip tint for a fresh and cute effects for the lips. I really think it is a good product as it delivers both effects, be it natural or foundation effect. The best part that it is only RM19.90 and RM11.90 for refill ! :D You can get it at selected Watsons, Guardian, Aeon, Econsave, Giant and selected stores!

I really love how this makeup turns out!

If you are interested to try out PIXY Two Way Cake, you can try to get the samples at http://bit.ly/PIXYSempurnakanku  ! And good news to my readers, you will stand the chance to win PIXY Beauty Box by commenting in the comment box below, why PIXY "Sempurnakan Ku"

Write in English or BM, it's totally up to you! :) For me, PIXY Sempurnakan Ku because it gives me a flawless looking finish effortlessly and makes me a confident woman! :) I will choose 3 winners so come on join the fun. Giveaway ends 25th March! :)

For more information on PIXY, please visit :
Website : http://pixy.com.my

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  1. PIXY Sempurnakan Ku kerana sebagai ibu kepada dua orang anak,saya sentiasa sibuk tapi dengan bedak ini,saya sentiasa yakin dengan penampilan saya meskipun rutin harian saya amat mencabar. Terima kasih PIXY!

  2. PIXY Sempurnakan Ku because it is self confidence applied directly to the face and make me smile.

  3. Oh my god! My favorite two-way cake powder.
    Q: why PIXY "Sempurnakan Ku". ?
    A: It help me to enhance my beauty and give a good coverage with one application. 😍😍😍

    I really wanna try the trick of contouring using this pixy powder!! 😍

  4. PIXY Sempurnakan Ku because it can enhance the beauty inside me.

  5. PIXY Sempurnakan Ku because it completes my daily make up look easily in an affordable way! I love how it keeps my make up long lasting and matte throughout the day that I don't even need to touch up, PIXY is very affordable as well!

  6. godh i need this !

    PIXY Sempurnakan Ku kerana PIXY memiliki produk yang boleh meyempurnakan luaran walau apapun gaya yang saya bawa serta meningkatkan keyakinan diri secara dalaman. PIXY Sempurnakan Ku secara dalaman dan luaran.

  7. PIXI Sempurnakan Ku kerana mampu menyembunyikan segala cela, sapuan yang rata, cantik dan pelbagai guna untuk menampakkan makeup lebih sempurna dan menawan.

  8. PIXY Sempurnakan Ku dengan produk yang sangat mudah digunakan untuk urusan harianku dan aku mampu tampil yakin dengannya sepanjang hari..!

  9. PIXY sempurnakanku kerana setiap kali menggunakan produk pixcy ni daya akan sentiasa yakin dengan diri sendiri. Muka yang pucat dapat ditutup setelah menggunakan bedak dan cream bb pixy. Daya memang pengguna setia produk pixy dari mula-mula kenal dengan bedak pixy sampaila sekarang daya masih menggunakan pixy ... Produk pixy sentiasa pilihan hati daya walaupun tidakla semahal dan segah produk antarabangsa... Produk pixy tetap terbaik

  10. Pixy sempurnakanku is the best ever!!!! It truly matches my skintone to perfection. Its magic, I have oily skin plus I sweat a lot and it stayed looking great all day. It’s just so good I needed to share. I am inlove ❤️

  11. PIXI sempurnaanku kerana ia menambahkahn keyakinan untuk berhadapan dengan orang . ia dapat menutup segala cela dan jerawat dengan mudah . orang lain tidak dapat melihat segala cela tersebut dan menegurnya dan kita juga tidak merasa malu apabila berhadapan dengan mereka . ia akan menambah keyakinan dalam diri untuk berhadapan dengan orang .
    thankyou ��

  12. PIXI sempurnaanku kerana ia menambahkan keyakinan saya untuk berhadapan dengan orang lain . ia dapat menutup segala cela dan jerawat pada muka saya . orang lain pun tidak akan menegur muka dan saya tidak akan merasa malu apabila berhadapan dengan mereka . pixi memang merupakan compact powder yang terbaik .
    thankyou 😘

  13. PIXY Sempurnakan Ku because it gives my face a great smooth-finishing and glowing effect!😆😆 Pixy powder with spf15 can protect my skin from the sun screen, together with the natural ingredients, Jojoba oil that give a moisturizing to my skin, it complete my day. Thank You Pixy. 😘😘

  14. PIXY Sempurnakan Ku kerana PIXY Two Way Cake ini dapat menutup semua cela di wajah saya sama ada dengan sapuan kering atau basah. Ianya tahan lama dan tidak melekit. Sesuai untuk semua jenis kulit dan diantara percaya atau tak saya da pun gunakan bedak compact PIXY ini selama hampir 10 tahun. Hasilnya sangat memuaskan dengan harga yang mampu milik!

  15. PIXY Sempurnakan Ku because I want perfect skin!



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