Omorose Cosmetics Review

I'm back with a review on our homegrown brand, Omorose Cosmetics. The brand has been around since 2014 and their products use natural preservatives where needed. Another plus point is that they are against animal testing. If you read further about Omorose Cosmetics  they highly supports persons with disability and promotes equality. I got a few products from them, so let's take a peek how they fair in my book.

Omorose Cosmetics Aingeal SPF35 Colour Neutralizer (RM134 for 20g) is a colour corrector to even out skin tone. There are 2 shades available ; X Blue & Brown (Light Coral) and X Red / Highlighter (Eggnog). Light coral is to correct blue/purple undertone which is perfect to neutralize undereye dark circles, bruises or  pigmentation. Eggnog shade helps to neutralize redness which can be caused by pimples or red marks. It is also can be used as a highlighter.  The shade I got is Light Coral which I used to even out my under eye circles which I found is pretty good. At first it feels a bit sticky but then eventually it sets quite fast. However it does slightly emphasized my undereye lines.

Omorose Cosmetics BB Stick SPF35 (RM134 for 20g) is a sunscreen foundation that has a lightweight texture, but it feels slightly greasy at first. But then after blending it into my skin, it blends in really well with my skin tone. I love the semi-matte finish and how build-able it is without looking cakey. There are 3 shades available ; Light & Fair , Fair & Medium (my shade) and Medium & Tan. The stick type packaging is alright, great for travel. As application wise, I prefer to use a foundation brush to blend out the product. 

Omorose Cosmetics Rosey Glow (RM77 for 8g) is a gel blush tint that is hydrating and pigmented. Seriously, starts with a small amount and blend out immediately.  Remember to blend out the blush instantly as it will stain the cheeks if you leave it on for too long. The shade I'm using is Pretty Jessica which is a beautiful pink blush. It is long-lasting  and looks natural on the skin. My tip is to blend using with fingertip first, then finish up blending with a stippling brush for fresher effect!

Omorose Cosmetics Satyn Finishing Powder (RM123 for 6g) is the final product to be applied on the face, as in to set the makeup. This superfine finishing powder is colourless, meaning that it does not provide any coverage. There are 2 shades available which are Flawless and Diamond that is formulated with Diamond Powder Lumiere to give the matte effect. As a finishing powder, I think it does a great job in setting the makeup in place and making long-lasting, thanks to the matte effect. However, I do not recommend it using under the eyes as it dose emphasized my under eye lines. And I feel that this powder provides a layer of film on top of the skin, and I kinda feel that somehow it prevents oil build-up and sweats too. I don't know how to explain it but it is as if my oil and sweat is trapped between my skin and this powder, do you get what I mean? I'm not sure whether I like that feeling though, so I am going to keep on using it to figure it out.

The last thing to review for Omorose Cosmetics is their Lip Dressing (RM40 for 5g), which is a series of their vegan lip balm which I find quite hydrating. Enriched with coconut oil, argan oil, avocado oil and Vitamin E to protect and hydrate the skin. I  love how it gives a sheer stain on the lips which is perfect for no makeup days. I think they have about 7 shades to suit your preference. I actually love all the 3 colours I got but my favourite has to be Watermelon simply because I used to be so obsessed with watermelon-scented lip balm. :D

Honestly, I am impressed with 'almost' all of these products that I tried. I highly recommend you guys to try the BB Stick, Rosey Glow blush and Lip Dressing because they are my top 3 picks. Do check out their website if you are looking for brands that do not test on animals and does not contains all the parabens, mineral oil, etc ingredients. 

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  1. Interesting products and awesomely cute packaging~ Thanks for the review ^^



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