The All New Innisfree Sunway Pyramid Outlet!

Hello everyone!

It has been a while since I attended a store launch, and today I am going to show you the revamped Innisfree's Sunway Pyramid outlet! I remember Sunway Pyramid outlet being the first Innisfree's outlet, and I found the store is inviting and beautifully displayed. But now, things just got better with additional areas where customers can get interactive while shopping!

Somehow I feel that the store is really spacious with bright lights and cozy ambiance. I love how each isle is far from each other, making it easy and comfortable for customers. I love bright stores because it  makes me want to shop more. *hahaha* Anyway if you know the drill, Innisfree has amazing range of products and I like how they displayed their items in such a great flow. A section for masks, body stuff, skin care, you know, everything is in well order.

The new addition area to store is the VR station, where you can enjoy the beautiful nature in Jeju Island with your oppa, Lee Min Ho! *ehem ehem*  for sure you don't want to miss this? Don't you? :D This VR experience will take you into Jeju Island dreamland and discover how the plants are grown in the island. This station will be permanent in the store so don't worry, it won't go anywhere!

The next station is the My Palette section where you can customized your own makeup palette! How exciting! :D There are actually 3 sizes, which are small, medium and large but I think large is currently unavailable. Basically you can choose to include eye shadows, blush, highlight, eye primer, contour, etc to suits your needs. I bought the small size palette (RM30) and I chose 4 shimmer eyeshadows (RM24 each). I can't wait to show you guys the colours because they are so pigmented and buttery too! I was told that these eyeshadows are new formulation hence the pigmentation is on point! Oh ya, these My Palette corner is only available in Sunway Pyramid outlet, so do come here to check it out ok? 

Guides on how to create your own palette or if you have no idea what to choose. :D
Small Palette
Medium Palette

Then there's a new and enhanced Beauty Testing zone where you can play around with makeup and get help from the beauty consultant about Innisfree products. I think makeup station is really a great idea because we can test products out before buying.  On the other side, there's also a sink area where you can test out their body products and cleanser to feel the texture and scent. Lovely!

I love how they lay out all of the makeup items on these shelves, they are pleasing to the eyes, seriously!

Don't forget to drop by Innisfree Sunway Pyramid, located at Ground Floor (G1.70) to have  anew shopping experience! Thanks so much to Innisfree Malaysia for having me that day! :)

For more information on Innisfree Malaysia, please visit :

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