TOLLYJOY Baby Day 2017

This is my first time ever celebrating Baby Day, specifically with Tollyjoy. This is actually the 3rd year Tollyjoy organized Baby Day, an event to celebrate the existence of our babies and to honour the  amazing parenthood journey. A selection of bloggers was invited to celebrate the Tollyjoy Baby Day 2017, which is held at Yellow Apron in PJ. Being a first time mom, this almost 2 years of experience taught me a lot, I can't even begin how it helps to grow me as a person. But I believe that learning on how to become a great parent will never stop and I surely will need all the help I can get.

I actually have used a couple of things from Tollyjoy and those products are priced at reasonable level with good quality products. If you haven't heard of Tollyjoy before, Tollyjoy Corporation is founded in Singapore in 1971 with the focus on manufacturing baby and mother care products. These products are categorized under the brand of Tollyjoy and Little Precious. Tollyjoy is determined to provide safe, durable and quality products in line with it's tagline "For The Baby You Love". I believe all parents want to give the best things for their children, am I right? :)

Emcee (left) with Ms. Grace Ng, the Manager of Tollyjoy Coroporation giving out a welcome speech.

Tollyjoy Baby Day 2017 is a collaboration with OrphanCARE, a non-profit non-governmental organization that provides loving home for orphans and abandoned baby in Malaysia through adoption service and baby hatch programme. To be honest, this is my first time hearing about OrphanCARE and I am touched to hear about the stories told by YBhg. Datin Rashidah, the COO of OrphanCARE Foundation. Abandoned babies stories are one of the most heartbreaking stories. This kind of news is now considered as 'norm' as these stories keep repeating every single day. It's saddening, but seriously, how to stop it? This is where OrphanCARE steps in to help abandoned babies to find them good homes and loving families as they believe that 'Every Child Needs A Family'. They also provide ethical adoption services and counselling to support birth mothers and future adoptive parents. 

Talking about abandoned babies, have you heard of Baby Hatches? Baby hatch is a baby box where mother can leave her baby anonymously in a safe environment. I was told that lights (or alarm) will go off to alert the person in charge about the baby. The baby later will be taken and cared for until further adoption process. Currently OrphanCARE provides baby hatches in Petaling Jaya, Johor Bahru and Sg. Petani. For further information on OrphanCARE, you can check out their website

Emcee (left) with YBhg. Datin Rashidah, COO of OrphanCARE Foundation

We also learned about the importance of nutrition for mothers-to-be, nursing mothers and babies. The nutritional talk is given by Ms. Rozanna M. Rosly, the Head of Dietetics of University Malaya Specialist Centre. Nutritional knowledge is a vital aspect during pregnancy and also after birth. Eating healthy food during pregnancy help mothers to have healthier pregnancy, which in return will help babies to have stronger start once they are born. All mommies should remember that healthy food intake must be continuos even after childbirth especially for the first 6 months due to breastfeeding. It is recommended that infants go through breastfeeding in the first 6 months to ensure optimal growth, development and health. However, not everyone is blessed to have the opportunity to breastfeed through the first 6 months (I am one of them) but I am happy that Marissa is a healthy happy baby. I always say this to my friends who has gone through the same problem as I am, don't worry to much and just concentrate on giving the best alternative for their babies. :) After the 6 months bench, it is now to introduce them to solid food which consists of puree-formed food. When Marissa started eating, I gave her a lot of veggies and fruits puree, I guess that might be the reason why Marissa loves veggies and fruits now. Her favourite vegetables are carrots, cucumber and cabbage and her favourite fruits are banana, watermelon and oranges. Well, she actually eats everything I give her. *hahaha* We also learned about food intake after babies turn one year old as at this age, their food intake will keep on going higher.

After the talk, Ms. Rozanna demonstrated a healthy recipe that can be served to our kids. She showed us how to make a healthy treat, Crunchy Fruit Layer made with honeydew (cut into cubes), layered with oats, low-fat yogurt, strawberry jam and watermelon juice. Topped it off with remaining cubed honeydew. Healthy and delicious! :) You can basically change up the fruits, use greek yogurt or flavoured yogurt. Totally customizable to your preference. 

Recipe : Healthy Crunchy Fruits Layer

Another recipe for mommies to try is an easy Soybean Milk smoothie recipe. Smoothies are one of my favourite treats for myself and also for Marissa. I've done tonnes of recipes using all sorts of fruits and veggies too. If you want to give healthier snacks to your kids, simple google healthy smoothies recipes online, there's a lot to choose from.

We played 'BINGO' and unfortunately I didn't win. *LOL* But I won one of the lucky draws! *OMG* I rarely won any lucky draws so this is such a sweet surprise. :D

I would like to say thank you very much to Tollyjoy for having me at this Tollyjoy Baby Day 2017. I had fun and gained more knowledge especially about Tollyjoy products, OrphanCARE and also about the importance of nutritious food for mothers and babies. :)

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