Nutox Advanced Serum Concentrate Review

Hello my lovely readers! It's about time to share about my current serum that I have been using for quite a while now and believe it or not, it's affordable and you can get it at the pharmacies! Win! :D I have been including Nutox Advanced Serum Concentrate as my day and night serum and I only have good things to say about it. But before we get into why I love it, here's a little back story about my first experience using some of Nutox products about 7 or 8 years ago (yes that was a really long time ago). I was around 24 or 25 years old that time and my skin was at the oily stage, which I remember, being a pain at times. I don't have major skin problems back then so I was excited to try the Nutox Oxyfusion range simply because of the celebrity influence, Fazura whom I adore, but unfortunately it didn't work on my skin and I stopped using it. I think it's important to address that skin changes over time and of course product formulation changes too. Keep in mind whenever you've tried anything that didn't work on your skin, you can always try it once again after certain duration of time. I am surely glad that I tried this serum because of the result and amazing price point!

So you know I'm already passed my 30 and anti-aging serum is my go-to, well most of the time. As we grow older, skin's elasticity decreases and fine lines, wrinkles, skin's firmness will go downhill from that point. It's crucial to target on that area if you want to maintain a youthful skin. Nutox Advanced Serum Concentrate speeds up the production of skin's natural collagen elastin and hyaluronic acid levels to rejuvenate the skin and deliver anti-aging benefits in just 7 days! The main ingredient is Bird's Nest, which is formulated with Actigenic+ Technology that helps to enhance the effectiveness to reduce the signs of aging. Actigenic+ Technology is an epidermis regeneration system that immediately firms up the skin through the binding of Macro Algae and Indian Gentian Extracts.

Nutox Advanced Serum Concentrate comes in this sleek bottle with a dropper. I actually prefer a dropper for my serum packaging because I can control how much drops I need for each application because sometimes a pump can be a bit too much for me (I have quite a small face). I usually use about 3 drops on my face and I will always apply it on my neck as well. The texture is lightweight for a serum but my skin feels tacky after application. The serum needs a little time to absorb but all is good once I apply my moisturizer or night cream.

Lightweight texture
Skin is hydrated after application!

Skin after 14 days of usage *no filter*

What makes me fall in love with the serum is the instant result I get overnight! I remember waking up the next day with softer and firmer skin, and not to mention my skin feels slightly glowy! As I mentioned that I have been using Nutox Advanced Serum Concentrate for the past weeks, it's safe to say that it helps in firming my skin, improve skin's texture (smooth and supple skin) and gives me a healthier and firmer complexion. As for fine lines or wrinkles reduction, I can't really tell any difference because I don't have that problems now (thank god!) but basically I love the serum because of the wholesome effect it gives on my skin. The best part about this serum that it is only RM79.90 for 30ml. YES!! Absolutely affordable! :D

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There are other products you can try as well, do check out the nearest pharmacies near you!

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