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Tanamera is our Malaysian homegrown brand that is known for its' spa services (well to me at least) and surprise surprise they have so much more to offer besides pampering their customers through their spas. I recently gotten the opportunity to sit down with them and discover more about the brand and products available under their wings. 

If you haven't heard of Tanamera (which literally means Tanah Merah in Malay language - meaning red earth) before, well let me introduce the brand to you so you can understand a little bit more about them.  Tanamera focuses on well-being products, products that can bring relaxation to their customers, hence their products are based on Asian Tropical spa treatments that caters for home, travel and professional spa use. The variety of products available in Tanamera is endless, I mean, you can basically get all of these Tanamera spa products and make your own spa 'zen' time in the comfort of your own home! Tanamera only use the best ingredients for their products, raw materials from the rich soil of tropical rainforest which means they are natural, eco-friendly products. 

Tanamera's best-seller product is the soap range which comprises of 4 soap ; Brown, Green, White and Black Soap which are made from a base from palm kernel oil, rice and glutinous rice. Each of these soap has their own specification of usage and can be used on the body and face as well. But the best seller among these 4 is the Brown Soap which is great anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial.

Tanamera Brown soap is enriched with wild ginger, turmeric root, cinnamon and also vegetable glycerine, patchouli oil and vetiver. As I mentioned earlier, the Brown Soap is an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-septic and anti-fungal which makes it a perfect soap for those who has acne-prone skin and rashes on the body. This is a good solution for those with back acne problems which I used to have it way back when I was in school. After giving birth to Marissa, my hormones seem to be all over the place and the most noticeable problem is my back acne (but i think it's more of blemishes). I noticed that the blemishes has reduce and my skin feels softer after using the soap. It is not drying but it has quite a strong herbal scent which I don't mind. The best part of this soap that it does not go squishy or melt down easily like most soaps do. A must try if you suffer from back acne problem! This Brown soap is retailed at RM18 for 125g which is an amazing price point for a treatment soap, seriously!

Black Soap
Green Soap
White Soap
Warna Soap Gift Set

Warna Soap gift set is a trio of 3 soaps, 100% natural made of plants and oil that reflects the 3 races in Malaysia which are the Malay, Chinese and Indian. Bamboo charcoal is used by the Chinese to remove impurities andmoisturize the skin, Turmeric is used Indians for skin protecting while the Malays uses virgin Coconut oil for skin softening. The Warna Gift set is retail at RM34.

Essential Oil
I am really intrigued to try Tanamera Essential Oil as they have a variety of choices and they are affordable! I've been using essential oil for myself and for Marissa, and I wonder how Tanamera essential oil will perform. 

Tanamera has their own selection teas, you can choose either Kaffir Lime, Hibiscus, Cleansing or Lemongrass + Ginger Tea. I tried the Hibiscus tea during the intimate session, it was lovely! It has this sour-ish taste, somehow it taste like raspberry tea. The taste totally different if you have it with and without sugar, do give it a try! 

There's so much more products to be explored, hair products, body scrubs, kids body care, the list is endless! Check out their website to find out more about the products and other services. If you love pampering yourself, this is the brand to look out for! :)

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