THE FACE SHOP Pop Up Store in Setia City Mall

Welcome to THE FACE SHOP Pop Up store! This time around I got the opportunity to explore the pop-up store in Setia City Mall!. The Pop-Up store was held from 26th to 30th June 2019 and I dropped by on the 27th June to check it out. As always, THE FACE SHOP pop up store will always have a display of THE FACE SHOP products and fun activities to do. This time around, there were  additional displays of new brands which are available in THE FACE SHOP such as Belif and VDIVOV.

Y'all know that I have been reviewing THE FACE SHOP products for a few years and I have fallen in love with the brand because I found many amazing products that I love. Skincare, makeup, body care, you guys can find them on my blog (just type THE FACE SHOP  in the search box and a bunch of products review will pop up)  and some on my You Tube channel too. The most highly talked about skincare range from THE FACE SHOP is the Yehwadam range. What is YEHWADAM? YE means herbs and plants, HWA means flowers and DAM means story. Basically all of these skincare products are made of Korean nature goodness to maintain good and healthy skin. There are currently 5 Yehwadam range and these are the 4 that I reviewed :

Each of these range are targeted to a specific issue, specific solution so do click on the links above for more detailed information. 

Yehwadam Hwasaenggo is the latest addition to the Yehwadam skincare range and I am currently testing them out. Do keep a lookout maybe around next week to read my thoughts on them. :)

You now can buy Belif products at THE FACE SHOP, how exciting is that! Belif means 'Believe in Truth' where they bring in true herbal products for their consumers and Belif is a brand that is worth checking out if you are skincare junkie. I fell in love with their True Cream -Aqua Bomb way back in 2016 and it is still one of my favourite moisturizer especially during my pregnancy. It help me so much in getting rid of my dry patches and dry skin. A must try!

And I am also intrigued to try this Rose Gemma Concentrate Oil, it looks so promising!

I was told that currently Belif products are available in Pavilion and Setia City Mall outlets, but fret not, you can go to THE FACE SHOP e-store and buy them, easy peasy!

Another brand available in THE FACE SHOP is VDIVOV, a makeup brand that has a variety of makeup products ; lips products, foundation, eyebrow products, concealer, powders, eyeliner and such. But I have to say, the lipsticks and lip glosses are some of the best new finds. If you haven't check out my You Tube video of VDIVOV lipsticks and lip glosses lipswatches, do watch the video below.

I also bought the VDIVOV Silk Wear Foundation, excited to give it a go!

I did the fun activities available there such as the puzzle, the claw machine, guess THE FACE SHOP logos and upload a photo during my visit. After completed all the activities, I got to spin the wheel to win a prize and I got my favourite eyebrow pencil! Yeay! There was a Makeup  On paper Challenge and oh boy, these drawings using VDIVOV makeup products are beautiful! I bet the judges gonna have tough time picking the winner!

You can also get free popcorn, free photo print and free caricature with minimum purchase of RM199. But, if you want to enjoy the activities, you don't have to purchase anything so do drop by at their next pit stop which will be on Gurney Penang in August and The Mall Southkey Mid Valley in October! Anyway, you can watch my instastory to get the best highlights of the pop-up store!

How cute are my caricature? Oh my gosh, super cute! And don't forget to take some photos at this beautiful wall of flowers and share it on your instagram!

Don't forget THE FACE SHOP Pop-Up Store next pit stop :
August : Gurney Penang
October : The Mall Southkey Mid Valley

For more information on THE FACE SHOP and to purchase, please visit :

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