Beauty Review : FCC (CC Cream, Blush, Eye Pencil & Lipstick)

Assalamualaikum and hello. :)

This is my long-awaited review. Phewww I've been so occupied with my work and now I have extra time to sit down and review all of these products.

Have you ever heard about FCC? They used to be known as FARMASI but now they are Farmasi Colour Cosmetics (FCC). It is originated from Turkey. The thing that really stands out about FCC that it is HALAL cosmetics. So double thumbs up! :) If you ladies want to know more about the company, products and such, kindly visit their FB Page FCC (Farmasi Colour Cosmetic)  They have wonderful collection of makeup at a very affordable price even though they are an international brand.

Alritey then! Lets go straight to the products that I bought during the event I went to on  April 2nd. Everything is bought by me except for the CC Cream. :)

 Colour Control Cream

I got mine in Light to Medium. Another shade available is Medium to Dark.

What is CC Cream? For me, CC Cream is a better version BB Cream, that is how I understand it. This CC Cream has all the goodness, not just makeup wise, but also for skincare.

It contains: Multimineral, Vitamin B3, Vitamin C, Macademia Oil, Oat Exract, Argan Oil, Silk Protein, Collagen and also SPF25.

Why I love it :
1. I love the texture as it is creamy by not being too liquid or sticky.
2. It soaks into your skin quite quickly so you really need to work it fast. Dot on a small part of your face and rub it in. Using your fingers is the best option.
3. It corrects my redness and balance out my skin tone.
4. If you are a BB Cream user, you know that BB Cream gives you dewy finish with the feeling of a bit greasy/sticky. This CC Cream provides you semi dewy finish but WITHOUT the greasy feeling.
5. It has a slight floral scent which I don't mind, kinda like it.
6. I noticed that my T-zone becomes slightly oily after 5 - 6 hours (but if u stay outside most of the time, your skin may get oilier around the 4th hour)

Just bare in mind that this CC Cream is only light to medium coverage, but hey, that's what concealer is for. :)

Price : I really don't remember but I will check on it, I promise! However I believe it's RM49.90? heeee


Left : Without CC Cream
Right : With CC Cream

Tender Blush On
I got in 2 colours, 04 & 08

04 is not as pigmented as 08, therefore I used it to highlight on top of my cheeks and inner corner of my eyes. But 08 is super pigmented that you need only a tiny bit and you gotta blend it well baby! hehe But it so pretty, trust me. Don't let the colour fool you, once you blend it properly, you will have the nicest glow on your cheek. :) It is not that long-lasting, I noticed mine dissapeared about 3 - 4 hours later.

Price : RM25.90 ( I bougt in RM15 for 2 blushes - stock clearance)

Eye Pencil

the code is 105 - Green

This so pretty! I use this as eye liner if I want a pop of colour and also sometimes just as eyeshadow (I buff it out with a brush). Definitely gonna get other colours as well.

Price : RM16.90

True Colour Lipstick

The code : 22

It is a plum/berry shade. I love it as it glides smoothly even without lip balm underneath. Very pigmented and it has a nice smell, something like vanilla, but not quite. You need to reapply it from time to time as it is not long lasting, but that's not a problem. I bring this baby everywhere if I use it before going out.

Price : RM23.90 (I bought it for RM10 - stock clearance)

That's all for my review, I definitely want to try more of their products. They also have skincare, bodycare and fragrance range. Do check them out! Their stuff are available at Zalora, selected Parkson and Jusco. And if you are business minded and looking for business opportunities, kindly call 0351911510/2192 or email at

Have you tried any of their products? Let me know if you like them as much as I do. :)

Till then,

Sabby Prue



  1. best kan FCC ni. i think i saw you at the event. hehe. tengok macam familiar sangat ! hehe :)

    1. fcc mmg best! :) dear, i saw u hari tu. nak amek gambar with u but mase tu u dgn hubby u so i segan. huhu pastu nk amek again u tgh makeover pulak, pastu u dah hilang... wawawa nanti kalau next time jumpe i nak tegur jgk, tak kira! hehehe

  2. even i am turkısh, my first time to hear it ! yes it is really turkısh cc :/ ı want to use ıt



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