Food Review : Chinoz, KLCC

Heyho you lovely people! :)

Last 2 Mondays (does that make any sense? ahaha) my BBGS girls and I had dinner at Chinoz, KLCC to celebrate Roe's birthday and Yanie's simple celebration of her baby shower. It was fun seeing you girls, big hugs and kisses! :)

Oh iklan jap, I baked the nutella cheesecake for the first time and they love it. Hehe

Yanie + Roe

I'm with the mommies to be. :)

with my girls. BBGS rules! :)

Oh ni selingan diorang ckp kek sedap. teheheheh

Ok so back to the review of this place...

I've never eaten here before coz hmm.. I don't have any reason actually, I'm just not interested. Since this is my first time, I'm expecting the food to be good because it is located in KLCC and Chinoz has been here since my school days!  Oh memang lama! :D

Anyway, my bf ordered the fish & chip which looks like this.....

I think the portion is quite small and the presentation is a 2.5 out of 5. The taste, well it's how a Fish & Chips supposed to taste like.

*The tartar sauce has been touched by my bf so ignore that. :P

I ordered Pan Fried Salmon with Linguine

The Linguine is not properly cooked because as I bite into it, I can feel that it is only 80% cooked. I think the pasta should be cooked for about another 5 minutes, then it will be perfect. The salmon is fresh so that's great. I can taste the pesto in the sauce but I think it's too creamy. Presentation wise, 3.5 out of 5. I mean, there's nothing really special bout it.

Conclusion :

Price : 
For me it is quite expensive for the portion and also for the presentation. I'm really into nice presentation and portion (well taste is the most important of course). If I'm paying more, I'm expecting more darling. I know everyone is.

Fish & Chip = RM29.00 (I think)
Pan Grilled Salmon with Linguine = RM39.00

Location : KLCC

The food : As stated above

Service : Reservation is easy, but I guess the waiting time for the food to arrive is quite long.

The ambiance : Cozy and comfortable. You can dine inside (non-smoking) or out outside (smoking area)

Revisit? Well not sure, but if yes, maybe just for coffee.

Till then,

Sabby Prue



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