The 'Unzipping' of Bag of Love Tea Party

Assalamualaikum and hello! :)

Did I tell you that I was one of the bloggers who gotten the opportunity to 'unbox' the Bag of Love? hehe I was so happy because my post qualified! :P You can read all about my post HERE !

The event was held yesterday at Delectable Treats by Su in Paradigm Mall from 11am - 1pm. I reached there around 10.50am, phew just in time. You know me, I like to be punctual and just hate the thought of having people to wait for me. Anywhooooooo... Can we just go to the photos please? :)

p/s : Delectable Treats by Su has afternoon tea for only RM28! Check out this awesome deal! :)

I wanna eat them all!! :D

This is what we had. All so yummy!

Honestly I don't like macarons because they are damn sweet! this is sweet but half sweeter than I had before so yeay! this one is so good! 

ohhh.. to die for...

Welcome speech by Tammy :)

Tammy is the organizer from The Butterfly Project. Go and read her blog and like the Fan Page so that all bloggers can attend cool and awesome events! :)

p/s : Tammy, thanks for being such a wonderful organizer and a lovely friend. I'm lucky to have met you, you're so funny and so fun to talk to la weh! :)

Mimi from Bag of Love introducing the beauty bag and welcoming the bloggers..

Thanks so much for the opportunity Mimi and your amazing interaction with us. I'm looking forward for next month. And all the best for Bag of Love! :)

Please like Bag Of Love in FB and checkout the Bag of Love's website to subscribe!

p/s : Mimi I have no idea you are married with two kids, super slim and pretty! :)

shawl | self made
floral top || thepoplook
black denim | dorothy perkins
cuff bracelet and ring | diva

 I looked preggy. yeah that's how I like it. -_-

This is what have been waiting for.....

I'm so excited. :)

Wanna know what's inside? 

The post will be up next, STAY TUNED and keep on reading! :D

Now.... more photossss... Us being girls... ;)

Met new friend, Innanie Ariffin. She's a lawyer in the making! So fun chit chatting with you adik,. Best of luck in your studies and make sure to keep in touch! xoxo

with Carolyn Tay. Such a sweet sweet girl! :)

first attempt.

ok la ni. ahaha :)

got this from Delectable Treats by Su. Thanks so muchhhh! Food was yummy and everything is soooo prettyyy! I wish I can live there. hehe

I bought something. hehe

Coffee Meringues (being a coffee addict, of course) and Cinnamon sugar (so yummy). I love their goodies, I want moreeeeeeeee!

I will post a review on the Bag Of Love - The Green Bag next, so stay tuned ya! :)

Till then,

Sabby Prue



  1. waaaa the food looks so good!! can't wait to know what's inside the beg:D

  2. Hellooo I was sitting beside you during the tea party! Haha nice to meet you but sad that didnt really get to talk to you :)

    1. hi dear! yes I remembered you.. I'm really shy. hihi :P next time make sure we talk to one another ok? :)



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